Лучшие плагины WordPress для сайтов недвижимости


Сейчас я бы хотел немного рассказать о плагинах для сайтов с недвижимостью. Ниже, будут представлены некоторые из них. И все они, конечно, бесплатные. Если кто либо уже пробовал создавать Real Estate страницу, то наверняка осведомлен, как это затягивает и отнимает много времени, но решений с каждым днем преподносится все больше и больше. Следующие плагины будут хорошим инструментом вам в помощь. Они, как я уже говорил, являются бесплатными и вы сможете без проблем их протестировать.

WPL Real Estate

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WPL Real Estate — WordPress Plugins

WPL Real Estate


Run your real estate website using WPL. WPL has lot’s of features and addons for real estate agents and real estate agencies. Check Realtyna WPL official website and WPL demo website: http://wpl28.realtyna.com

Download WPL manual and check WPL knowledge base. If you can’t find an answer to your question in WPL Manual or Knowledge Base, please open a Support Ticket! to ask your question. We will respond as soon as possible with an answer.

WPL (WordPress Property Listing) is an amazing flexible plugin for real estate and vertical markets. The system is designed in such a way that database management is fully flexible. This means you can add/remove/change the fields without custom changing the database. Sequentially, the property search function in WPL is flexible as well allowing the admin to set the desired search parameters from the administration panel.

WPL Expansion options

WPL is a translate ready plugin to make changing languages as easy as possible.
If you need a site with multiple languages, we offer the multilingual feature for use under WPL PRO. Our solution is compatible with WPML.


  • Data Structure Manager
  • Manage Profile
  • Add/Edit listing
  • External Responsive Template: Map view
  • External Responsive Template: List view
  • External Responsive Template: Agent listing


Installation Instructions

For installing WPL please follow below steps:

  1. Install WPL either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add your listings from WPL backend and place [WPL] shortcode into your page/post content.
What is WPL?

WPL (WordPress Property Listing) is a great plugin for real estate agents and agencies. Also it can be used for vertical markets.

How can I ask about custom developments?

Feel free to contact us: https://support.realtyna.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/18

How can I report issues?

Submit a support ticket on Realtyna ticketing system: https://support.realtyna.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit/RenderForm/18


Отличный плагин

Отличный плагин, оперативные ответы на вопросы в службе поддержки, очень много функций в бесплатной версии

Terrific Support!

The support team at Realtyna has been amazing during our website build! Our project has had many curve balls and they have been able to support us now matter how complex the issues. Howard R has been incredibly responsive and patient with our various programmers and skill levels we’ve had on the project. We are truly grateful for all of the support as is our happy client!

No search filter 🙁


I downloaded your plugin and tested on my divi theme, However search filter is not displaying on the front-end using the shortcode.


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Contributors & Developers

“WPL Real Estate” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed some minor issues.


  • [PRO] Added advanced property types and listing types sort options.
  • [PRO] Added “Horizontal Layout” for “Add/Edit Listing” menu.
  • [PRO] Added customizable energy tag levels to energy tag activity.
  • [PRO] Added Price Rebate feature.
  • [PRO] Added a new view switcher for property listings and profile/agent listings views.
  • [PRO] Added a new option to disable/enable mouse-over effect of images on listing pages.
  • [PRO] Improved unit switcher widget.
  • [PRO] Improved WPL update notification system.
  • Added “Category Manager” feature in WPL Flex menu in order to add new data categories or manage existing categories.
  • Added zip-code option in “Similar Properties” feature of carousel widget.
  • Added “Advanced Location Text Search” method into location options of search widget.
  • Added new widget area at the bottom of property listing page.
  • Added property type specific and listing type specific options for separator fields.
  • Added “Media Confirm” feature for enabling confirm icon on media tabs of Add/Edit listing.
  • Added an ability to import sample properties into the WPL.
  • Added boolean field to supported field types in search widget.
  • Added ability to place WPL main page as a child page under a parent page.
  • Added “Field Specific” feature to “Add/Edit Listing” and “Search Widget”.
  • Added ability to filter listings on carousel widget by location.
  • Added ability to automatically convert area values to Acre and Hectare if the value is high.
  • Added an option to change multiple marker icon.
  • Improved WPL I/O.
  • Improved UI and UX on mobile devices.
  • Improved SEO on WPL views.
  • Fixed some issues of send to friend feature.
  • Fixed converting none WPL images to place-holders issue in notification manager menu.
  • Fixed some issues on WPL PDF Flyer.
  • Fixed location text search issue on profile/agent listing page.
  • Fixed an issue for saving date fields in user profile menu.
  • Fixed some issue on datetime field type.
  • Fixed some English errors.
  • Fixed issue of printing \” or \’ in the notification emails.


  • [PRO] Added clone feature for listings.
  • [PRO] Some enhancements for currency switcher such as compatibility with search widget.
  • Added SEO patterns section to SEO category of WPL Settings.
  • Added ability to insert different SEO patterns per kind and also per property type.
  • Added ability to sort select field options in the Flex edit screen.
  • Added new maintenance options.
  • Added remove all images/attachments at once to Add/Edit listing menu.
  • Enhanced WPL cache clearing feature.
  • Fixed Google Maps API key issue.
  • Fixed some translation and multilingual issues.
  • Fixed some UI issues.
  • Fixed some date/time issues.


  • [PRO] Added new layout for property details page.
  • [PRO] Added currency switcher widget and activity.
  • [PRO] Added MultiSafePay gateway to payment gateways.
  • [PRO] Added interface compatibility with Bridge theme.
  • Added ability to insert different price ranges for sale and rental listings into the search widget.
  • Added help tab to all of WPL menus.
  • Added pattern for property page title.
  • Fixed issue of loading location levels in “My profile” page.
  • Fixed marker icon up-loader issue.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Fixed some encoding issues.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • Fixed profile image/logo uploader issue.
  • Fixed an encoding issue.
  • Fixed some UI issues.


  • [PRO] Added “view shortcode” button for all WPL widgets.
  • [PRO] Added dropdown search type for location fields.
  • [PRO] Added pagination for WPL sitemap feature.
  • [PRO] Added sitemap integrity with “Yoast SEO” and “All in one SEO pack” plugins.
  • [PRO] Added print feature for WPL listings page.
  • [PRO] Added location auto suggest for text fields of locations in Add/Edit listing menu.
  • [PRO] Added compare feature for comparing favorited listings.
  • [PRO] Fixed WPML language switcher.
  • Added an option for specifying Google Maps zoom-level for Add/Edit listing page.
  • Added integrity for WPL events and filters with WordPress events and filters API.
  • Added new notification for adding new listings.
  • Added ability to add WPL fields to available sort options.
  • Added daily sync for updating WPL currency exchanges.
  • Added some compatibilities with PHP7.
  • Improved units manager of WPL.
  • Improved WPL language.
  • Improved WPL security.
  • Improved WPL notification system to be more integrated with WordPress mail plugins.
  • Fixed an issue on sorting WPL fields for more than 100 fields.
  • Fixed an issue on generating property geopoint.
  • Fixed an issue adding/updating zipcodes on location manager menu.
  • Fixed issue of WPL uploader on windows servers.
  • Fixed some responsive issues.
  • Fixed walkscore responsive issue.


  • [PRO] Fixed AJAX search issue for Min/Max slider.
  • [PRO] Fixed QR barcode issue in PDF flyer.
  • [PRO] Fixed some issues in walkscore activity.
  • Added “between” search type for numeric fields.
  • Added single and multiple search type for feature fields.
  • Added captcha compatibility for WPL contact forms.
  • Improved tablet responsive size in WPL.
  • Improved mobile responsive size in WPL.
  • Fixed responsive issues on WPL views.
  • Fixed some PHP notices and minor issues.


  • [PRO] Added “PDF Flyer” option to WPL fields and WPL data categories.
  • Added new marker icon-set.
  • Added request a visit from in links activity.
  • Added send to friend from in links activity.
  • Added linkedin share feature in links activity.
  • Added new gallery layout for single property page named “pshow_modern”.
  • Fixed shortcode wizard issue on some websites.
  • Fixed conditional images URL issue.


  • Fixed WPL UI customizer SCSS issue.
  • Fixed property images issue on listings pages.
  • Fixed external images issue on favorites widget.
  • Fixed multilingual issue of property description in PDF flyer.


  • [PRO] Enhanced WPL custom style by adding code editor.
  • [PRO] Added front-end property management.
  • [PRO] Added “more_details” field type.
  • Added CSS class option for all WPL widgets.
  • Fixed a conflict with WPML plugin.
  • Fixed a decimal issue on price rendering.
  • Fixed some multilingual issues.


  • [PRO] Added UI Customizer.
  • Fixed some style issues and PDF name issue in PDF flyer.
  • Fixed some issues in Location Text search.


  • Fixed Listing ID issue on carousel widget.
  • Fixed sort issue on listing pages.


  • Added discard button in add new listing menu.
  • Updated Realtyna JS libraries such as light-box library.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added Import/Export feature to settings menu.
  • [PRO] Added RSS feature for listings.
  • [PRO] Revised PDF feature and adding some settings for PDF feature.
  • [PRO] Added WPL log Manager.
  • Fixed an issue on loading plugin language file.
  • Fixed zoom issue in map of listing wizard.
  • Fixed some issues on location text search.
  • Fixed backslash issue.
  • linked Listing ID to single property page in some notifications.


  • [PRO] Added Report Abuse feature.
  • Added entity support for WPL search widget.
  • Added List/Grid feature for agent/profile listing pages.
  • Added Google API key.
  • Added fill type feature for carousel widget.
  • Fixed profile show issue.
  • Fixed backslash issue on property description.
  • Fixed some design issues.


  • [PRO] Added Multilingual support for property alias and property location texts.
  • Developed multiple Google map marker.
  • New look for WPL search widget.
  • New look for WPL dashboard.
  • New look for date picker.
  • Developed new WPL lightbox.
  • Fixed an issue on editing feature field parameters.


  • [PRO] Added online payments system.
  • [PRO] Added Multilingual support for meta description and meta keywords fields.
  • Added ability to define feature field type options.
  • Fixed an issue in creating new listing types.
  • Fixed some tiny design issues.


  • Added search form on manage users menu.
  • Enhanced WPL form generation speed.
  • Fixed some translation issues.
  • Fixed PNG watermark issue.


  • [PRO] Added full multilingual support.
  • Added List/Grid switcher to property listing page.
  • Added Pattern for property alias.
  • Added map type feature for Google map.
  • Added mouseover feature for map markers.
  • Added overview option for Google map.
  • Added slide interval time option to carousel widget.
  • Enhanced WPL notification system.
  • Fixed an issue on scroll pagination.


  • [PRO] Added Scroll pagination.
  • Added layout option in shortcode wizard.
  • Added category query types for searching on listings by categories.
  • Added if zero feature to text field type.
  • Fixed some issues related to property page title and property title fields.
  • Fixed a label/placeholder issue on search widget.


  • [PRO] Added hide address feature.
  • Added Boolean field type.
  • Fixed some issues on watermark feature.
  • Make latitude and longitude editable.


  • [PRO] Added Google auto suggest to search widget location options.
  • [PRO] Added map layout for carousel widget.
  • Fixed some issues on multisite installation.
  • Fixed an issue on creating location levels.
  • Fixed some issue on elastic layout of carousel widget.
  • Fixed an issue on open house feature.


  • [PRO] WYSIWYG Editor for property description and text-area fields.
  • SEO optimizations for WPL core.
  • Added twitter meta tags on single property page.
  • Added location abbreviation in location manager for importer add-ons.
  • Fixed an issue in WPL light-box.
  • Fixed an issue for showing specified fields on single property page.
  • Fixed some issues on rooms feature.


  • Added Similar properties feature to WPL carousel widget.
  • Fixed shortcode wizard iframe issue.
  • Fixed some interface issues.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added sitemap feature for WPL items (Listings/Agents).
  • [PRO] Added Dublin Core meta tags for SEO purposes.
  • [PRO] Added an ability for hiding a numeric field when its value is zero.
  • [PRO] Added Call for price feature when the price sets to zero.
  • Added user contact activity.
  • Fixed an issue on WPL SEF.
  • Added price options to WPL shortcode wizard.
  • Added WPL plugin links in WordPress plugin manager.


  • [PRO] Geo meta tag support is added for SEO purposes.
  • [PRO] Italian and Serbian language files are added.
  • Fixed some issues on WPL kinds.
  • Added separators for setting fields.
  • Fixed an issue on Widgets name and description.
  • Updated WPL language files.


  • Fixed an issue on notification content.
  • Fixed an issue on showing property neighborhoods.
  • Updated WPL font icons.
  • Added open graph meta tags to the single property page.


  • Fixed an issue on notification content.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • [PRO] Added ability to insert meta key and meta description manually for SEO purposes.
  • Fixed an issue on file uploaders.
  • Fixed an issue in WPL SEF links.
  • Fixed an issue in removing unfinalized properties.


  • Added a new feature for removing user thumbnails after uploading new profile picture or company logo.
  • Fixed some tiny issues on search widget and single property page.


  • [PRO] Added favorites widget.
  • Added notification manager menu.
  • Added contact agent activity.
  • Added mailto feature for agent info activity.
  • Some enhancements for WPL SEF.
  • Fixed some PHP notices and tiny issues.


  • Updated language file with new keywords.
  • Fixing an issue in Listing Wizard menu for fetching Geo point from Google servers.


  • Fixed auto complete style issue.
  • Updated language file with new keywords.
  • Fixed a Google map issue in listing wizard.
  • Added a feature for updating Geo point.


  • Added location field in shortcode wizard.
  • Added single property page and search widget handler for Flex fields.
  • Fixed some issues in search widget.


  • Added new keywords to language file.
  • Fixed a responsive issue on single property gallery.


  • Added street view feature to Googlemap activity.
  • Added a feature for resetting other search fields after inserting Listing ID.
  • Added a reset link to listing manager search widget.
  • Fixed finalize button issue on listing wizard menu.
  • Fixed an issue in location select boxes in search widget.


  • Fixed an issue in owl_slider layout of carousel widget.
  • Fixed a js issue on WPL frontend.


  • [PRO] Added WPL widget loader (shortcode for widgets).
  • Added new options for deleting property types and listing types.
  • Fixed some issues in gallery activity.
  • Added new keywords to language file.


  • Added resize handler to gallery activity.
  • Fixed an issue on agents widget.


  • [PRO] Added energy tag feature.
  • Added property description to the text search by default.
  • Fixed some issues on user manager menu.


  • Hide currency field when there is just one active currency on search widget.
  • Added a feature for editing agents profile by admin.
  • Added a search form on listing manager page.
  • Fixed an issue on WPL bxslider.
  • Fixed some responsive issues.
  • Updated WPL fonts.


  • [PRO] Added Walkscore activity.
  • Fixed image size issue on listing pages.
  • Added property title field and use this field instead of default property title in listings, single property and carousel widget.
  • Added URL field type.
  • Added a new sidebar in property listing page.
  • Added WPL icon for WPL menu.


  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Fixed an issue on search widget.
  • Fixed a style issue on WPL frontend.


  • Fixed javascript tmpl file issue with IIS and windows servers.
  • Fixed text search issue for locations.
  • Fixed an id conflict issue on widgets.


  • Fixed some CSS issues on carousel widget.
  • Fixed image crop issue.


  • Added simple layouts to carousel and agents widgets.
  • Added Hectare to WPL units.
  • Trigger some events using WPL events API for notifications and logs.
  • Fixed specifications issue on Flex menu.
  • Removed useless CSS and CSS style options from flex edit screen.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • Fixed an issue in search widget layout.
  • Cleanup on assets directory and some clean coding on js codes.
  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Fixed a user access issue.
  • Fixed a tiny style issue on WPL light-boxes.


  • Fixed container class issue on property listing and profile listing.
  • Fixed no image font issue.
  • Fixed an issue in profile show page.


  • Added company logo and company information in agent info activity.
  • Added random option in agents widget.
  • Tweaked listing links activity styles.
  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Fixed manual property title issue.
  • Fixed some issues on activity manager.
  • W3C compatible.


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.9
  • Fixed some js conflicts about requirejs.
  • Added change user feature in listing manager.
  • Fixed an issue about rendering datetime.


  • added 2 default sidebars to WPL.
  • Changing property price position in listings page.
  • Fixed an style issue on single property page.
  • Fixed listing address issue on front-end.


  • Fixed thumbnail overlaying issue on property gallery.
  • Make the rooms, bedrooms and price type fields editable.


  • Fixed an issue in property listing for showing commercial property rooms.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.
  • Fixed my profile image upload issue.


  • Added agents widget for showing agents on front-end.
  • Fixing some plugin-check plugin warnings.
  • Added new layout to carousel widget.
  • Fixing some issues when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is enabled on MySQL server.
  • Fixing deleting field issue.


  • Added target page feature for linking WPL menus together.
  • Added image and thumbnail sizes for carousel module.
  • Added target page to search and carousel widget.
  • Added external image feature in PRO version.
  • Added profile show shortcode.
  • Fixed some PHP notices on PHP5.4


  • Fixed some tiny issues.


  • Added charts activity.
  • Added a new shortcode for showing my profile view on frontend.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.
  • Fixed an issue in flex menu about saving the fields.


  • Fixed some tiny issues.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • Fixed sort image/attachments/video issue on Add/Edit listing.
  • Fixed some upgrade issues.


  • Added requirements and maintenance view on settings menu.
  • Added documentation and support section into WPL dashboard.
  • Fixed some PHP notices.
  • Fixed an issue in PHP5.2!


  • Fixed some issues.
  • Fixed a security issue.


  • Fixed some PHP notices.


  • Fixed some PHP notices.
  • Fixed an issue on shortcode wizard.


  • Some minor issues are fixed.


  • Lightbox issue is fixed.


  • Flex add-on is added.
  • Location system is added.
  • Property Listing, Property Show, Profile/Agent Listing and Profile/Agent Show short-codes is added.
  • Search widget and carousel widget are added.
  • WPL SEF service is added.

Этот плагин был разработан компанией Realtyna, которая с 2007 года занимается созданием различных онлайн инструментов для риэлторских агентств. Несмотря на то, что компания недавно перешла на работу с WordPress, имея до этого большой опыт работы с CMS Joomla, с которой она и начинала свои задумки, плагин предоставляет внушительный список функций. Команда поддержки с радостью решает возникшие пользовательские проблемы на своем форуме.

Функции WPL Real Estate:

  • Возможность добавления объектов недвижимости для второстепенных агентов и пользователей.
  • Создание категорий, позволяющих выбирать что-то определенное из всех списков.
  • Поиск по критериям, таким как: адрес, область, город и т.д.(Администратор имеет возможность менять критерии).
  • Результаты поиска будут видны на картах Google

WP Listings

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IMPress Listings — WordPress Plugins

IMPress Listings


You’ve got to have a really good reason to change the name of a successful WordPress plugin.

With WP Listings, version 2.0 gave us that reason, IDX integration.

WP Listings is now IMPress Listings

Just like WP Listings, the IMPress Listings plugin creates a listing management system for your WordPress site. It still is fully responsive and works with nearly any WordPress theme.

IMPress Listings adds some important new features to what was already a great plugin. Most notably, MLS integration through the use of the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin.


View a demo of the plugin in action: IMPress Listings demo

Importing from your MLS
No more typing in listing information that you have already added to your MLS. With IMPress Listings and IMPress for IDX Broker, you can automatically import basic listing details.

Want even more listing content imported? Switch to our Equity framework for your WordPress website. A WordPress site running Equity, IMPress Listings and IMPress for IDX Broker can import full listing details.

*IDX Broker subscription required.

Default Taxonomies and Terms

  • Status (Active, Sold, Pending, For Rent, Reduced, New)
  • Property Types (Residential, Condo, Townhome, Commercial)
  • Location
  • Features

Use the taxonomy creation tool to create your own way of classifying listings (i.e. bedrooms, bathrooms, locations, price ranges) and use those taxonomies to allow users to search for listings. Then, reorder the taxonomies as needed.

Find listings by taxonomy using filters in the WordPress admin.


Includes a Featured Listings widget to display listings in any taxonomy (Property type, Status, Location, etc.). Display them in a custom number of columns.

Also, a Quick Search widget to allow visitors to search your listings by taxonomy.

Premium Listing Templates
Make your listing pages look like single property websites with our premium listing templates.
These templates use their own styling and navigation to look like a unique website without any of the extra work or expense.
Install any or all of our premium listing templates and use them for all of your featured listings.

Migrating from AgentPress Listings

If you’re using the AgentPress Listings plugin, we’ve made it easy to switch to IMPress Listings. The plugin uses the same post type name and data fields (plus several more) so all your entered listing data will remain in place.

Automatic Map Insertion

No more embedding a map into your listing pages. Enter the property’s latitude and longitude and a map is automatically added to the listing page.

Using IMPress for IDX Broker? Longitude and latitude is automatically added for your imported listings.

Property Display

Single listings display the custom data automatically with no need to insert shortcodes to display listing data. If it’s entered, it will display on the page.

Don’t want to show the price on a listing? Check a box and the price is hidden. That simple.

Supported property fields:
* Price
* Address
* Country
* MLS Number
* Year Built
* Floors
* Square Feet
* Lot Square Feet
* Bedrooms
* Bathrooms
* Half Baths
* Garage
* Pool
* Open House date and time
* Photo gallery
* Video or virtual tour
* Map
* and more!

Enhanced Theme Compatibility

While we would love for you to use one of our Equity themes with IMPress Listings, we have made it easier to work with your favorite WordPress themes. The plugin now allows custom page wrappers to better fit your theme.

Contact Forms

Listing pages include a contact form for visitors to inquire about a property, or the form can be replaced with your own form plugin shortcode.

Save time by adding a contact form to all listings instead of one at a time.

Flair for Developers

A lot of developer goodies came in WordPress 4.4, including API support. Developers looking to use the latest WordPress tools will love IMPress Listings.

We have built in WordPress API support for the listing post type and default taxonomies. This will allow skilled developers to create their own applications around listing content.

There is also support for taxonomy featured images. Assign an image for active properties, solds, featured listings, neighborhoods, or an other taxonomy you should create.


Integrates with the Genesis Agent Profiles plugin to display the listing agent(s).

Feel free to contribute to this project on Github.


Uses code from the following plugins:

Single Post Template by Nathan Rice

AgentPress Listings by StudioPress

AgentPress Listings Taxonomy Reorder by Robert Iseley


  • Listings Admin screen

  • Single Listing Edit screen

  • Register taxonomy screen

  • Featured Listing Widget settings

  • Featured Listing Widget display

  • Listing Search Widget display

  • Single Listing template display

  • Listing archive template display

  • Admin Settings page

  • IDX Listing import page


  1. Upload the entire wp-listings folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Begin creating listings and listing taxonomies

How to use the listings shortcode

Basic usage

Just enter the following shortcode on any post or page


Advanced usage

The shortcode accepts the following parameters:

id = listing post id (accepts one or more id's), exclusive, cannot be combined with other parameters, except for columns limit = limit the number of posts to show, defaults to all columns = display output in columns, accepts values 2-6, default is 1 column taxonomy = taxonomy to display (must be used with the term parameter) term = term to display (must be used with the taxonomy parameter) 

Example advanced usage:
[listings taxonomy=”status” term=”active” limit=”10″ columns=”3″]
This will display all listings in the “Status” taxonomy, assigned to the “Active” term, limited to 10 listings, in 3 columns


Can I import listings from my MLS?

Yes. With an IDX Broker subscription and adding their IMPress for IDX Broker plugin to your site, IMPress Listings can import featured properties from the MLS.

I already use the AgentPress Listings plugin, can I use this plugin?

Yes. This plugin can be used instead of the AgentPress Listings plugin. It uses the same post type name and custom field names (along with several new fields), so the posts you’ve added using AgentPress, along with the associated meta data, will remain attached to the listing post. Just be sure to deactivate AgentPress before activating IMPress Listings.

My theme already has a single listing template. How do I use the one provided with the plugin?

Some themes may already have a single-listing.php (and archive.php for listing archives) to display listings with the same post type name of ‘listings’. Templates placed within your theme folder have precedence. To use the template(s) provided with the plugin, delete the single-listing.php and/or the archive-listing.php templates within your theme’s folder (recommended to make a backup).

How can I create a custom single listing template?

Name your template file single-listing-CUSTOM-NAME.php (replace CUSTOM NAME with your own descriptive name). You can use the single-listing.php within the plugins /includes/views/ folder for a guide on how to display the post type data. You’ll need to include the following block of text at the top of your custom template:
Single Listing Template: Test Template
Description: Give it a description to help identify

How can I remove the default property status terms or property type terms?

Its possible to remove the default property status terms by using a filter in your theme or custom plugins. Here is an example for the status terms:

/* Remove Default Status Terms from IMPress Listings */ add_filter( 'wp_listings_default_status_terms', 'custom_default_status_terms' ); function custom_default_status_terms() { $status_terms = array(); return $status_terms; } 

Here is an example for the property terms:

/* Remove Default Property Terms from IMPress Listings */ add_filter( 'wp_listings_default_property_type_terms', 'custom_default_property_type_terms' ); function custom_default_property_type_terms() { $property_type_terms = array(); return $property_type_terms; } 


Horrid Support and Horrid Code

I have tried to get ahold of these guys for help on my site for a while and my questions where left unanswered. They have massive issues between there plugins which I am beginning to think is intentionally added to them. Changing your entire themes colors or making it so you cant add listings is now a feature. I even called their company, it was pretty fun to tell them calmly the problems I was facing and ask if there was something there who might have insight on the issue, I was told no one could help me in a cold voice and then the phone went dead as the staff member hung up the phone.

The best I have tried – but issues

As far as a plugin with a decent basic feature set, and ease of use for passing on to a client to do updates, I give the plugin high ratings. I tested pretty much every option in the repository. While a some produced results that looked as good as good, they were nowhere near as easy to setup or easy for a general user to update (WPL). IMPress uses the WordPress gallery functions, and custom post types rather than keeping all it’s listings setup within a confusing plugin interface like some.

It produces what I think are the best looking listings by far out of any free option I tried. A list view option would a nice feature as well, but the grid view looks great on mobile and desktop.

While I have received very quick support replies on this forum, they are basic replies and there are no follow ups. While that is better than some free plugins will do, it’s still a little frustrating.

I reported a possible Recaptcha conflict issue in the support forum with their built in forms on listing pages while Contact Form 7 is running with Recaptcha on other pages here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/recaptcha-error-4/ and there was no follow up. I provided details and error codes. You would think a developer would be concerned about a potential conflict with such a popular plugin. The dialog warning I posted clearly wasn’t related to issues with the setup of Recaptcha and it’s keys.

I have also found there to be conflicts with a theme from the WordPress repository (Vantage) and possibly SiteOrigin Builder (running with any theme). Both are hugely popular, especially Builder (support threads created for these too).

Basically, while I received responses, there were no follow-ups answered. Their support seemed to have no interest in the issues I was reporting, enough to even say a thank you for reporting them. Or interest in me sending them any more info about them. The developers of Builder on the other hand offered to take a look as soon as I reported it to them. Developers of popular plugins should show and interest in them being compatible with other popular plugins.

It’s a case of if the plugin works with your theme and plugin setup, you will be very happy. If you run into issues, you are likely going to be looking for ways to fix them yourself unless it’s an issue support can give you a basic canned response for. I know a plugin can’t guarantee no conflicts with other plugins or themes… but I have never came across another plugin that seemed to have such conflicts with Builder, Vantage, and possibly Contact Form 7.


Simple Great

Higly recomended. The versatility is fantastic and so its the support offered

Single Listing View is a disaster!

Thanks for many nice functions in this free Plugin, – looks very good at your demo-site AND with with your “Genesis-Type-Theme”, BUT this Plugin breaks every proper WP-Theme i’ve tried, wenn you hit the “single-listing” site!! Why Not use “Shortcodes” all the way? = Problem solved;-)
Cheers, madzzoni

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Contributors & Developers

“IMPress Listings” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Released 01-12-17
* Fixed: Fatal error on single listing template
* Added: Option to select default author for imported listings


Released 12-13-16
* Added: Option to add link to IDX Broker details page on imported listings
* Fixed: Imported IDX Broker listings use the proper status for sold listings


Released 10-20-16
* Added: Option to send default contact form entries to IDX middleware as a lead
* Added: Delete all option to IDX imported listings
* Added: Support for selective refresh for widgets in the customizer
* Fixed: Imported listings – Issue with price field being deleted on update
* Fixed: PHP warnings with some MLS disclaimers on imported listings


Released 09-13-16
* Fixed: Imported listings – Image markup only included if it exists in disclaimer
* Fixed: Imported listings – Ensure price is pulled from listingPrice field


Released 08-18-16
* Fixed: Added Google Maps API key field in Settings
* Fixed: Notice query arg showing on incorrect post types
* Updated: Recaptcha class for PHP7 compatibility


Released 06-02-16
* Fixed: Imported listings will not reset taxonomy terms on update
* Fixed: MLS compliance photo adjacent courtesy display
* Fixed: Disclaimer and courtesy parsing due to IDX API change


Released: 04-21-16
* Added: Global disclaimer
* Added: Currency symbol and currency code support
* Added: Meta field for county
* Added: Video field shortcode support
* Fixed: Imported listings reverting to draft
* Fixed: Text domain added/changed for better translation support
* Fixed: PHP warning for unset options
* Fixed; PHP error when importing but return is empty
* Fixed: Spelling for lot size field
* Fixed: Label on settings page float issue
* Fixed: Jetpack Related Posts not showing on non-listing post types
* Updated: Support Text mode on gallery editor
* Updated: Helper functions


  • Fix: Update Listing importer to account for API change
  • Fix: Listing importer update to use wp_cron to reduce immediate server load
  • Added: Lazy Load added to Listing importer to reduce load times with many property images


  • Added: Listing post type support added to Jetpack sitemap
  • Added: Connected Agents with IMPress Agents output on single listings
  • Added: Google Recaptcha support for default contact form
  • Fix: HTML class output for statuses
  • Fix: WP API undefined function call


  • Updated: WP API support
  • Fix: Custom wrapper on single listing template
  • Fix: Fatal error on some web hosts
  • Fix: Some IDX listing import settings not being respected


  • Added: Listing importer for IDX Broker. Import your listings into WordPress! Import additional photos and data with Equity.
  • Added: listing_meta shortcode to output arbitrary listing meta data. e.g use listing_meta key=”price” to output price.
  • Added: Listing meta fields for lat/long, country, half bath, custom disclaimer, and others.
  • Added: Auto-map feature for listings with lat/long available. Option available to turn this off on single listings.
  • Added: Global option for default form shortcode.
  • Added: Option for a custom HTML wrapper to allow better compatibility with more themes.
  • Added: Support for WP core REST API. Listings and default taxonomy endpoints added. GET and POST supported. GET method returns supported listing meta data, filterable with wp_listings_allowed_api_meta_keys
  • Added: Listings admin menu filtering for default taxonomies: Status, Property Types, Locations
  • Added: Listings added to “At a Glance” Dashboard widget.
  • Added: Filter for additional details meta boxes using wp_listings_additional_details_meta_boxes
  • Added: Filter for imported listing photo gallery markup using wp_listings_imported_image_markup (Equity only)
  • Added: Support for featured images for listing taxonomy terms. (WP 4.4+ required)
  • Added: Checkbox to hide price on individual listings and optionally enter price placeholder.
  • Added: Admin notice class.
  • Added: Support for List or Excerpt view in Listings Admin.
  • Added: Support for new heading hierarchy, post type and taxonomy labels in WP 4.4.
  • Updated: Font Awesome version to 4.5.0
  • Fix: Support taxonomy template overrides.
  • Fix: Support shortcodes in video field.


  • Update single listing template to display IDX imported data


  • Update widgets to use PHP5 object constructors
  • Added support for listings to Jetpack JSON Rest API


  • Fixed i18n in shortcode output h/t newlocalmedia


  • Added basic schema support to Single Listings Template (single-listing.php)
  • Added basic anti-spam check to native contact form in single-listing.php
  • Added support for Jetpack publicize and markdown editors
  • Added Jetpack shortcode links in messages about shortcodes
  • Added DNS Prefetch Support for scripts used on Single Listings Template
  • Added translation to text strings in listings shortcode
  • Minified CSS for better site performance, SCSS files included
  • Updates to script calls to improve site performance
  • Updated jQuery Validate to 1.13.1
  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.3.0
  • Updated .pot file
  • Fixed WP 4.1 issue with photo gallery editor meta box


  • Set with_front on rewrite rules for taxonomies. h/t bhubbard
  • Fix undefined index for default state


  • Set with_front parameter to false in rewrite rules
  • Update for WP 4.0 compatibility
  • Update Font Awesome version number and URL
  • Compatibility with Equity theme framework


  • CSS fix for thumbnail overlays with shortcode and archive pages
  • Fix for undefined variables in featured istings widget and single listing contact form
  • Make default registered terms (status, property-type) filterable
  • Make default taxonomy names and slugs translatable, improve translation


  • Add [listings] shortcode to output listings on any post or page
  • Add ability to change permalink slug to prevent conflicts
  • Rewrite backend settings fields options to simplify


  • Add function to flush rewrite rules on plugin deactivation


  • Add Genesis CPT archive settings support
  • Remove widget list item margins affecting some themes


  • Add classes to search widget output for additional styling
  • Add priority to author box removal action on Genesis HTML5 themes
  • Update Font Awesome version number and use minified version
  • Change default taxonomies to be hierarchical (except features)


  • Updated class output for listing status overlay to remove spaces and replace with hyphens
  • Remove unused Categories column from admin page
  • Remove faulty responsive video CSS. Use fitvids.js instead for videos on single listings


  • Add HTML classes for CSS layout compatibility with a number of various themes
  • Rename translation template file


  • Fix for connected agents markup conditional function call


  • CSS fix for widget overlays on themes that absolutley positioned them


  • Added ability to select an image size in the Featured Listing widget. This allows you to set a custom image size in your theme.


  • Initial public release

Плагин с открытым кодом позволяет вам вставлять полнофункциональную систему ваших перечней в выбранную вами тему.

Компания разработчик Agent Evolution предлагает различные инструменты для работы с сайтами связанными с бизнесом и недвижимостью, от простых тем до не очень простых плагинов.

Функции WP Listings

  • Внедрение собственных видов списков или выбор из уже присутствующих.
  • Показ лучших вариантов, а также смежных предложений.
  • Значительный выбор полей для ввода информации с возможностью сортировки по различным параметрам.
  • Присутствует интерактивное демо, показывающее плагин в работе.

Easy Property Listings

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Easy Property Listings — WordPress Plugins

Easy Property Listings


Easy Property Listings is one of the most dynamic and feature rich Real Estate plugin for WordPress available on the market today.

An easy to use plugin that provides the needed functions to configure a dynamic real estate website in minutes. Packed with advanced features, shortcodes and templates letting you create real estate websites fast.


Get Real Estate Online Faster Than Ever

Now you can promote your listings and automate lead generation

  • Easily integrated to any WordPress website.
  • Create websites that present listings beautifully.
  • Display listings in a responsive list or grid format.
  • 100s of ready to use theme templates available for free.
  • No code necessary. Infinite options. Just select and save.
  • Instantly works with popular themes Genesis, Headway, iThemes Builder.
  • Fully customisable and works with any Theme or framework.
  • Personalise for your market in seconds.
  • 100% responsive and mobile ready.

Real estate agents’ extension to the web

No “technical” experience necessary, its easy to use.

  • Built in help and tutorials if you get stuck.
  • Quick to setup, publish and update your listings.
  • The only plugin that lets you focus on listing and selling.
  • Add listings in a fast and efficient way saving you hours.
  • Start with the free version and activate add-ons as you grow.

Easy for Developers to Design and Customise

Fully customise to match your WordPress theme and design.

  • Fast, efficient, extensible code.
  • Over 150 custom fields, 7 post types all pre-configured.
  • The only plugin built to easily customise to match your design.
  • Easy to understand API’s with detailed documentation.
  • Customise the look and feel of the site exactly how you want.
  • Clean CSS means you don’t have to spend hours un-coding.
  • Add new templates in seconds and use with shortcodes.
  • Modular templates that are easy to change.

Developers Can Build Advanced Websites Fast

Your customer want features found on major real estate portals? All possible with Easy Property Listings.

  • Complex real estate website development made easy.
  • Filled with filters and hooks that allow full modification.
  • A fast and efficient plugin written using WordPress standards.
  • Create a settings plugin and use it again on other sites.
  • Plugin can be modified without much technical knowhow.
  • Available in a dozen languages and 26 currencies.
  • Upgrade your site with advanced add-ons.
  • API Documentation.

Powerful Shortcodes and Widgets

Shortcodes and widgets that let you filter, display and search listings.

  • Fast customisable listing search.
  • Advanced easy to customise widgets.
  • Packed with powerful shortcodes to display listings.
  • Display and filter listings by any criteria with shortcodes.
  • Randomly display listings with widgets, massive SEO benefits.
  • Template system allows infinite display possibilities.
  • Instantly generate an automatic open home list.

Listings Displayed Beautifully

Multiple agent details not a problem, its built in.

  • Instantly sort displayed listings by price, date, location.
  • Link to virtual tours, floor plans, mini sites, and more.
  • Agent profile box loaded with your social media and details.
  • Visitors can add open homes to their calendar with a click.
  • Flag listing, new, under contract, sold and customise.
  • Photo gallery and Google Maps.
  • Embed online property videos.

Add and Edit Listings Easily

Filled with rich and useful features that makes publishing listings online a breeze.

  • Easily add, update and manage unlimited listings fast.
  • Optimised for Search Engines (SEO) with separate listing types.
  • Pricing system for today that you won’t find in any other plugin.
  • Attach landlords and sellers details to listings for quick access.
  • Listings have different needs, this handles them all.
  • Add unlimited property features.

Listing Management Redefined

Complete real estate plugin built for any sized company or portal.

  • Easy to sort, search and manage listings.
  • Dashboard widgets gives you an instant overview.
  • Important listing details available with a glance.
  • Instantly track your real estate business.

Contact and Lead Management with Built in CRM

Prospecting that works how you do.

  • Capture contacts and manage leads.
  • Tag contacts so they stand out as a priority.
  • Email contacts, track conversations and activities.
  • Save contact info for quick reference when prospecting.
  • Work your leads and never forget to follow-up again.
  • Instantly filter contacts by custom tags, just click.

Advanced Reporting

Track your business growth with beautiful instant, reports

  • Beautiful graph of what your business is doing.
  • Compare listings and sales, rentals and leased results.
  • Filter listings by any period of time, instant KPI reports.
  • Tack market progress over any period of time

Enhance and Extend with Premium Add-Ons

Grow your online success with premium add-ons

  • 300+ listings on one map… sold! Advanced Mapping.
  • Your a winner, be proud and show off your Awards.
  • Let your happy customers share how good you are with Testimonials.
  • Print customised Brochures and stock lists easily.
  • Enhanced your agents online profiles with the Staff Directory.
  • Location, location, location… Powerful SEO strategy with Location Profiles.
  • Beautiful image Sliders with, thousands of possibilities.
  • Let buyers and tenants know whats new with Email Alerts.
  • Online CMA Market Reports automatically attached to your listings.
  • Dedicated add-on for Importing Listings from CSV and XML.
  • More add-ons in development to further extend an already awesome plugin.
  • Extend with many add-ons

Dedicated Support

The Easy Property Listings team does not provide support for the real estate plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One on one forum support is available to people who purchase Support only.

Extensive near instant response to support, we just want to help.

  • Lots of free tutorials & how to videos.
  • Dedicated online API documentation.
  • Free, easy to follow online documentation.
  • Support plans for fast detailed help and theme setup.

More Features

  • Multiple listing types are supported because not everyone is a residential properties specialist. You can list rentals, commercial, land, rural and businesses just as easily.
  • Flexible pricing options like “no price”, POA and necessary real estate options like under offer & auction.
  • Developed from a real estate agents perspective to make it easy and quick to add and update listings.
  • Completely location independent with extensive currency support, so it doesn’t matter where listing are in the world.
  • Geo-locate the property coordinates with a press of a button and display a Google Map.
  • iCal calendar appointment support for inspection times. Just click and add to your calendar.
  • Support for Under Offer and no price listings, you name it, it works.
  • Currency support for non-dollar currencies.


  • Listing widget with options for image size, order, random, status and more which means you can quickly setup featured listings that dynamically change saving you hours of custom query coding or needing separate plug-ins.
  • Search widget with price range, location, bedrooms bathrooms and a feature search which means you will limit the dreaded “property not found” page that many real estate sites show when searching an area where you don’t have an active listing.
  • Author Box that is easy to customise: multiple agents, tabbed, video, bio, social media links and extendible with the Staff Directory extension.
  • Author widget supporting multiple authors.


Several short codes to insert your listings into posts and pages with many customisable options. Shortcode documentation. These short codes allow you to display listings any way and anywhere you like.

  • [listing]
  • [listing_category]
  • [listing_open]
  • [listing_search]
  • [listing_feature]
  • [listing_location]
  • [listing_auction]
  • [epl_contact_form]


The [listing] shortcode allows you to output your listings on pages and posts with advanced filtering options for listing types, order, status filtering, locations and much more which you can read about the settings and options here.

Listing Open

The [listing_open] shortcode quickly outputs listings that have scheduled open for inspection times. Use this on posts so your site will always have an up-to-date list of properties open for inspection. Use the [listing_open post_type=”property” template=”table”] or for rentals and slimmer [listing_open post_type=”rental” template=”table_open”] option to create a slim list of listings.

Listing Search

The [listing_search] shortcode allows you to place the search widget anywhere you like. Just added to the plugin are new styles to output [listing_search style=”wide”] and [listing_search style=”slim”] variations. You can also enable the tabbed option with [listing_search post_type=”property,rental,land”] and you can adjust the tab labels from the plugin settings page. More details about the listing_search shortcode can be found here. If you use the search widget you can easily select your options from the widget editor. Enable the tabbed search by multi selecting the listing types with Ctrl on your pc or Command on a mac keyboard.

Listing Category

Use the [listing_category] short code to filter listings by any variable you want to use. Easy Property Listings has over 30 variables available for each listing type to create specialised pages for anything. Read the detailed documentation about this advanced shortcode.

Use any theme

Use any theme you want which means you can use your creativity and build beautiful websites the way you want. We’ve kept CSS to a minimum so it looks great on any theme you choose.

Developer Features:

  • Over 50 custom meta fields per listing type. Everything is pre-configured saving hundreds of hours. Want more, add more all extendible.
  • Separate post types for each listing type; property, rental, land, rural, business, commercial, commercial land.
  • Lightbox support, just add your favourite plugin that uses link=”file on the gallery short code.
  • Create your own custom templates using standard WordPress and included functions.
  • Minimal CSS styling so it will integrate with any theme.
  • Developer friendly with dozens of actions and filters.
  • Custom labels for everything and full translation support.
  • Supports REAXML, JUPIX and worldwide MLS systems.
  • Hundreds of filters to modify the default behaviour of the plugin.

Extensions and add-ons

You get cool optional extensions which means you can grow your site and content and offer additional options to your clients and customers with features they will love.

More information at Easy Property Listings.com.au.

Follow this plugin on GitHub

Advanced Mapping

Advanced Map Create a beautiful map showcasing your listings with a powerful shortcode.

Brochures and Stock List Extension

With the brochures extension for Easy Property Listings you can create printable brochures and stock lists for your listings. There are several options to control the brochure styles and templates. Or create your own!

Frontend Submissions

Frontend Submissions Frontend Submissions provides a the ability to submit listings via a frontend form for review using a shortcode. They can also edit submitted listings from the frontend of your website.

Listing Alerts

Listing Alerts Schedule email alerts to subscribers with HTML email support and customisable messages.

Location Profiles

Location Profiles With this plugin, you can add detailed suburb, city or neighbourhood profiles automatically to your listings in that location.

Market Research

Market Research. With the Market Research extension for Easy Property Listings you can import property sales data and dynamically display it on your listings in a matching location.


Sliders The Sliders extension allows you to effortlessly create beautiful listing galleries that include numerous options and are fully responsive.

Staff/Agent Directory

Staff/Agent Directory Give your real estate agents and staff an enhanced author profile on your listings and manage staff members with this extension.

Testimonial Manager

Testimonial Manager Testimonials can be an effective way to get more listings. They add credibility and builds trust. With this plugin, quickly add testimonials and have them link with properties in specific locations.

Many more extensions can be found here.


Easy Property Listings needs help for translation:

  1. English (and British English)
  2. Belgian (Dutch)
  3. Bulgarian
  4. Danish
  5. Dutch
  6. Finnish
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Italian
  10. Polish
  11. Russian
  12. Swedish
  13. Ukrainian
  14. Arabic
  15. Brazilian Portuguese

Would you like to help translate the plugin into more languages? Join our Translations Forum.


  • Edit Contact Details
  • Listing Reports
  • Archive Page Display with Listing Widgets
  • Admin view of Property listing type
  • Custom fields configured for a Property Listing type
  • User Profile options for author box
  • Search Widget adapts to child theme style
  • Home open shortcode and Multi Author widget


Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Easy Property Listings” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by clicking Install Now.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favourite FTP application.

  1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.

Theme Setup – Are you feeling lucky?

Easy Property Listings includes a theme compatibility mode that works great for most themes. Once you have activated the plugin visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Theme Setup. Before you enable the theme compatibility mode, add a listing and preview. If it looks great, you are good to go, however if your listing is too wide or your sidebar is in the wrong place activate Theme Compatibility mode. Next adjust the Theme Setup: Featured Images to adjust how your featured images appear. If you see two featured images play with the settings until it looks great.

Manual Theme Setup

To get the best result from Easy Property Listings on your real estate website you need to manually perform Theme Setup using some copy and paste which gives you greater control over your listings. This will enable a better display and will make the plugin look great on any WordPress theme. If you need theme setup assistance first check the theme support forum as we have already created many Templates for WordPress themes.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Easy Property Listings > Settings and enable your listing types and press save.
  2. Customise your labels, tweak the display, all in minutes from Easy Property Listings > Setting page.
  3. Add a listing as you would a post. Check the help guide inside the plugin. Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Help. These instructions are also accessible to authors.
  4. Create blank pages for each listing type you enable so you can easily add the archive page to your WordPress menus. There are detailed instructions which you can access from your Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Help & Help > Getting Started
  5. The latest release of Easy Property Listings includes a theme compatibility mode that works great for most themes. Once you have activated the plugin visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Theme Setup. Before you enable the theme compatibility mode, add a listing and preview. If it looks great, you are good to go, however if your listing is too wide or your sidebar is in the wrong place activate Theme Compatibility mode. Next adjust the
    Theme Setup: Featured Images to adjust how your featured images appear. If you see two featured images play with the settings until it looks great.
  6. Add widgets, shortcodes and listings.
  7. Have a cup of coffee as you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you created an advanced Real Estate listing website.
  8. For detailed setup instructions, visit the official Documentation page.
  9. Visit the Extension Store to further enhance your real estate website with cool SEO focused tools.


Installation Instructions

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install, log in to your WordPress admin panel, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Easy Property Listings” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by clicking Install Now.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your web server via your favourite FTP application.

  1. Download the plugin file to your computer and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program, or your hosting control panel, upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin.

Theme Setup – Are you feeling lucky?

Easy Property Listings includes a theme compatibility mode that works great for most themes. Once you have activated the plugin visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Theme Setup. Before you enable the theme compatibility mode, add a listing and preview. If it looks great, you are good to go, however if your listing is too wide or your sidebar is in the wrong place activate Theme Compatibility mode. Next adjust the Theme Setup: Featured Images to adjust how your featured images appear. If you see two featured images play with the settings until it looks great.

Manual Theme Setup

To get the best result from Easy Property Listings on your real estate website you need to manually perform Theme Setup using some copy and paste which gives you greater control over your listings. This will enable a better display and will make the plugin look great on any WordPress theme. If you need theme setup assistance first check the theme support forum as we have already created many Templates for WordPress themes.

Getting Started

  1. Go to Easy Property Listings > Settings and enable your listing types and press save.
  2. Customise your labels, tweak the display, all in minutes from Easy Property Listings > Setting page.
  3. Add a listing as you would a post. Check the help guide inside the plugin. Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Help. These instructions are also accessible to authors.
  4. Create blank pages for each listing type you enable so you can easily add the archive page to your WordPress menus. There are detailed instructions which you can access from your Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Help & Help > Getting Started
  5. The latest release of Easy Property Listings includes a theme compatibility mode that works great for most themes. Once you have activated the plugin visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Settings > Theme Setup. Before you enable the theme compatibility mode, add a listing and preview. If it looks great, you are good to go, however if your listing is too wide or your sidebar is in the wrong place activate Theme Compatibility mode. Next adjust the
    Theme Setup: Featured Images to adjust how your featured images appear. If you see two featured images play with the settings until it looks great.
  6. Add widgets, shortcodes and listings.
  7. Have a cup of coffee as you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you created an advanced Real Estate listing website.
  8. For detailed setup instructions, visit the official Documentation page.
  9. Visit the Extension Store to further enhance your real estate website with cool SEO focused tools.
Will this work for bigger companies with multiple agents?

Absolutely, Easy Property Listings is built from the ground up for scale, speed and thousands of listings. When you want dynamic agent and staff profiles we recommend the Staff/Agent Directory extension. This allows you to quickly set-up multiple agent and staff members and automatically display all the agents listings, post activity and use a featured image instead of the default Gravatar.

We want to display less or more info on the archive and single listing views, how can we create a unique customised look?

You can use the Easy Property Listings template loading system that lets you place all the plugin templates inside themes/YOUR_THEME/easypropertylistings/ folder and edit everything. You can read more about how to do that here.

How do I setup my WordPress theme to work with Easy Property Listings 2.0

In order for correct integration with your WordPress theme please follow these instructions WordPress Theme configuration instructions.

These instructions are also located inside the plugin. Visit Dashboard > Easy Property Listings > Help > Getting Started > Setup your theme to work with the plugin

Do I need to know code like php or advanced CSS?

We built this plugin from the perspective of a real estate agent as that’s what I used to do. We want this to be an easy to install and use plugin so you can focus on listing/selling and leasing property. No advanced coding knowledge needed, activate the property types and add listings, so no matter your experience it will work for you.

How do I Show My List of Listings?

The easiest way to display the archive page for your listing:

  1. Create a blank page for each listing type you enable called; property, rental, land, business, rural, commercial, commercial-land. You can rename them after.

  2. Now these pages will display listings of that type as long as you have added one.

Is there a sample import file I can use to setup a demo real estate web site?

Yes! Simply go to Tools > Import and install the WordPress Importer, then navigate to wp-content/plugins/easy-property-listing/assets/ and select the sample-property-import.xml file. This will create several sample properties for you, make sure the “property” type is activated.

Getting a 404 error?

To get rid of the 404 error when viewing a listing, you need to re-save your permalink structure. Go to Settings > Permalinks and click “Save Changes”.

How do I use the advanced author box on posts and pages?

Place the php function on your single.php template in your theme

Can I add integrations for third party real estate applications like 1Form or Inspect Real Estate?

Yes, through the addition of one or more of the add-on integrations, you can quickly integrate third party buttons to listings. The add-on gateways currently available:


Great plugin

Great plugin, works well. Plenty of scope for customization, reasonably straightforward to tune if you know a bit of PHP etc.

Amazing Support! Highly recommend

Been not to technical i found this plugin very easy to get to grips with and really enjoyed using it. I did run into a few customisation problems but on contacting their support i was completely blown away by the service I received. Merv and the team really went above and beyond in helping and I really couldn’t recommend this plugin enough!

Thanks again

Great Support

Merv responds within 24 hours to all questions and has helped me develop changes to suite my website needs. Would recommend this plugin 100%

excellent support, complex plugin

A robust plugin with lots of options, you need to know some code to create exactly what you need but with basic knowledge and great support you could do a LOT with this plugin.

Great product & excellent support

This is a great product that was really easy to install and customise. There’s an excellent knowledge base to get you going and the support staff (Merv especially) are sooo very helpful when you get stuck (user error)! I highly recommend this product and the people behind it!

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Contributors & Developers

“Easy Property Listings” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Easy Property Listings” has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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3.1.16 May 25, 2017

  • New: Rebuilt search CSS containers for easier formatting with exact widths.
  • New: Filter epl_property_category_value for altering house category.
  • New: Add Listing Status and Under Offer to post class.
  • New: Added Commercial Type to post class.
  • Tweak: Ability to display multiple categories on listings.
  • Fix: Corrected returning of none and added value to get_property_category, get_property_land_category, get_property_commercial_category and get_property_rural_category functions.
  • Fix: Rental sorting error in listing shortcodes.
  • Fix: Author widget on pages with sorting.

3.1.15 May 17, 2017

  • Fix: Car searching Any will now return listings with no carport or garage.

3.1.14 May 9, 2017

  • Tweak: Allow author box to be used on non Easy Property Listings posts without error.
  • Tweak: Removed Brazilian Portuguese from plugin as language package is now served from WordPress.org

3.1.12 April 27, 2017

  • New: Filter epl_property_land_area_unit_label for Land Unit Label Filter.
  • New: Filter epl_property_building_area_unit_label for Building Unit Label Filter.
  • New: Filter epl_the_property_feature_list_before before the features list.
  • New: Filter epl_the_property_feature_list_before_common_features before the common features list.
  • New: Filter epl_the_property_feature_list_before_additional_features before the additional features list.
  • New: Filter epl_the_property_feature_list_after for after the output of the features list.
  • Tweak: Property, Rural, Commercial Category output to secondary heading.
  • Tweak: Altered land sqm output to m2.
  • Tweak: Shortcode [listing_auction] now only displays auction listings.
  • Fix: Property Category now outputs to feature list.
  • Fix: Rural Category now outputs to feature list.
  • Fix: Commercial Category now outputs to feature list.
  • Fix: Empty Commercial Features heading no longer outputs heading if values are empty.
  • Fix: Empty Rural Features heading no longer outputs heading if values are empty.

3.1.11 April 6, 2017

  • Fix: Property ID search in admin.
  • New: Brazilian Portuguese Translation thanks to Dijo.
  • New: Added epl_button_target_floorplan filter.

3.1.10 March 27, 2017

  • New: Filter added epl_ical_args for iCal output.
  • Tweak: Ability to search by property ID when managing listings from the Dashboard.
  • Tweak: Added Sortable column Unique ID.

3.1.9 March 23, 2017

  • Tweak: Allowed Authors and Contributors to access help screens.

3.1.8 March 22, 2017

  • Fix: Corrected Listing not found filters used in archive templates with a new epl_property_search_not_found hook.
  • Tweak: Translations updated.

3.1.7 March 22, 2017

  • New: Added epl_template_class to templates and added its context for Listing Templates extension.
  • New: Auction Date processing function for import scripts.
  • New: REAXML convert date/time to adjust for timezone for import scripts.
  • Tweak: Wording for delete settings adjusted to reflect radio option.
  • Fix: Corrected missing Property Features title and filter.

3.1.6 March 10, 2017

  • New: Hierarchical Features Taxonomy EPL_FEATURES_HIERARCHICAL Constant.
  • New: Filter for Commercial For Sale and Lease label epl_commercial_for_sale_and_lease_label when both option selected.
  • New: Added filters for shortcodes to adjust no results messages. Filters epl_shortcode_results_message_title_open for [listing_open] shortcode and epl_shortcode_results_message_title for all other shortcodes.
  • Tweak: Additional case values for importing additional features now accepts YES, yes, Y, y, on, NO, no, N, n, off.
  • New: Common features filter epl_property_common_features_list added.
  • Tweak: Corrected spelling of meta box group ids for commercial_features and files_n_links.
  • Tweak: Author widget will no longer display if hide author box on a listing is ticked.
  • Tweak: Filter for epl template class.
  • Fix: Commercial listing lease price text display when both option selected.
  • Fix: Property Features title filter epl_property_sub_title_property_features enabling title modification.
  • Fix: Post type archive called incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fix: PHP 7.1 support.
  • Fix: Class adjustment for taxonomy search.

3.1.5 January 18, 2017

  • New: Added a Google Maps API key notification to Easy Property Listings > Settings when no key is set.
  • Tweak: Internal shortcode option documentation.
  • Fix: Shortcode offset feature breaking pagination. Note when using offset, pagination is disabled: [listing] , [listing_category], [listing_feature], [listing_location]
  • Fix: Corrected the default option when using select fields.

3.1.4 January 16, 2017

  • New: Added offset option to the following shortcodes that allows you to place multiple shortcodes on a single page and prevent displaying duplicate listings. Added to the following shortcodes: [listing] , [listing_category], [listing_feature], [listing_location]
  • Tweak: Optimisations to secondary author display by removing duplicate code.
  • Tweak: Improvements to extension license updater and notifications on license status.
  • Tweak: Performance improvements to admin functions.
  • Tweak: Translations adjustment to load textdomain after all plugins initialised.

3.1.3 January 3, 2017

  • Fix: Contact linking when editing listings with invalid contact ID.
  • Fix: Shortcode sorting for Current/Sold.
  • Fix: Commercial Lease price display.
  • Tweak: Output Ensuite to features list.

3.1.2 December 13, 2016

  • Fix: Corrected the address display of the Commercial and Business listing types.
  • Fix: Extension updater class to provide automatic updates.
  • Tweak: Visiting the plugins page now caches plugin updates.

3.1.1 December 6, 2016

  • Fix: [listing] shortcode with author option correctly filters by username.
  • Fix: Listing search undefined result when using custom search options.

3.1 November 28, 2016

  • New: Rebuilt templates including additional wrapper for better grid layout.
  • New: Added legacy CSS option to prevent using new stylesheets when updating to 3.1 ensuring your listing display remains consistent.
  • New: Enhanced grid wrapper CSS to better display listings in a grid format and improved CSS by splitting global style.css with style-structure.css allowing for better compatibility with themes.
  • New: Class based front JS scripts for enhanced compatibility.
  • New: Implemented cron checking in extension license handler and updated license updater EDD code.
  • New: Added filter for epl_get_contacts_args to enable contact form field changes.
  • New: Added epl_get_next_contact_link_query filter to adjust contact query.
  • New: Added epl_contact_access filter to adjust contact system access by user level.
  • New: Contextual help tab on listing pages.
  • New: Added epl_author_description_html filter to adjust the author description.
  • New: Cron added to handle scheduled events like license checking and updating.
  • New: Auction epl_auction_feed_format date format filter added.
  • New: Added epl_get_property_com_rent to allow commercial rent price formatting.
  • New: Search radio option and checkbox added.
  • New: Refactored search into class based code.
  • New: Commercial search added (beta) disabled by default.
  • New: Conditional post types added for checking on enabled listing types.
  • New: Support for DIVI theme framework.
  • New: Added epl_meta_commercial_category_value to adjust commercial category.
  • New: Parse EPL shortcodes for meta queries.
  • New: Widget template no image added.
  • New: Sorting order function added.
  • New: Pagination option added to all listing shortcodes pagination = ‘on’ default.
  • New: [listing_category] shortcode added compare option. category_compare = ‘IN’ usage is based on SQL query options. ‘IN’,’NOT IN’,’BETWEEN’,’NOT BETWEEN’
  • New: Wrapper added to templates to improve display and provide even grid spacing.
  • New: Added search address to separate from ID search.
  • New: No image icon for listing attachments.
  • New: Display lease price if nothing selected.
  • New: Added epl_get_property_price_lease_display filter to control lease price display.
  • New: License checker for updates set to daily and constant added to improve plugin page performance and reduce the update checker frequency.
  • New: Load custom stylesheet from active_theme/easypropertylistings/style.css
  • New: Added Pet Friendly options.
  • New: Search frontend radio option epl_frontend_search_field_radio.
  • New: Search frontend multiple checkbox option epl_frontend_search_field_checkbox_multiple.
  • New: Search placeholders added to text fields.
  • New: Correctly wrap epl_the_excerpt.
  • New: Divi theme support.
  • New: Select multiple added as custom field ability.
  • New: Custom field option checkbox_option.
  • New: Pet Friendly option added to rentals.
  • New: Open Parking spaces added to listings.
  • New: Prefixed additional css in templates for better styling.
  • Tweak: License handler using https.
  • Tweak: Improvements to contact actions.
  • Tweak: License styling improved for better WordPRess UX.
  • Tweak: LinkedIn link adjusted for worldwide usage.
  • Tweak: get_property_meta improved.
  • Tweak: Commercial leased sticker corrected.
  • Tweak: property_land_area adjustment for numerical value.
  • Tweak: Commercial and land category correctly displaying.
  • Tweak: On activation the Property post type is enabled by default.
  • Tweak: Improvements to listing widget.
  • Tweak: Inspection time and date format improved.
  • Tweak: File option added to external links for floorplans.
  • Tweak: Template wrappers prefixed for details, property meta, icons, address, content.
  • Tweak: Languages moved for better compatibility with translation plugins.
  • Tweak: Listing search widget status label.
  • Tweak: Reset page sorting when performing a search on a sub page with a widget or shortcode.
  • Tweak: Adjusted price and rental search ranges.
  • Tweak: Translation fix for rent period.
  • Tweak: Numerous changes to CSS to improve listing display and responsiveness.
  • Tweak: Settings checkbox options display correctly.
  • Tweak: Improvements to author box functions for multi-author.
  • Tweak: LinkedIn author link adjusted.
  • Fix: Conditional tags when lo listing types are activated.
  • Fix: Improved onclick links in external, web links to conform with new JS class.
  • Fix: Commercial car spaces displaying incorrectly.
  • Fix: Conditional tags improved.

3.0.4 May 4, 2016

  • Fix: Internal help videos gzip error, using iframe instead.
  • Fix: Corrected incorrect stray tags on internal welcome page.

3.0.3 May 2, 2016

  • New: Setting to disable Google Maps API if already added by theme or other plugin.
  • New: Ability to set a Google Maps API Key.
  • Fix: Renamed misspelled Property on linked contact.
  • Fix: Trailing ul tag on search widget.
  • Fix: Implemented better timezone support for open for inspection. Requires WordPress 3.9.
  • Tweak: Tighter spacing on dropdown contact list.
  • Tweak: Updated translations file.
  • Tweak: Capital c for contact post type.
  • Tweak: Dashboard activity widget improved CSS display.
  • Tweak: Dashboard activity comments better labeled.
  • Tweak: Internal links to documentation corrected.

3.0.2 April 10, 2016

  • Fix: Featured Listing removed redundant no option.

3.0.1 April 8, 2016

  • Tweak: Versioning to all CSS and JS.
  • New: Arabic translation.
  • Tweak: Updated German Translation.
  • Tweak: Updated French Translation.
  • Tweak: Updated Dutch Translation.
  • Fix: Search by Address and Property ID correctly searches the listing Title. In order to search by property ID, add the property ID to the listing title.
  • New: Customise the EPL – Contact Form Widget Submit Label.
  • Tweak: Added Form styling to contact form.
  • Tweak: Corrected additional translation strings with contact form labels.
  • Tweak: Corrected spacing in extension plugin updates.
  • Tweak: Renamed EPL – Contact Form Subscribe label to Submit.

3.0 March 30, 2016

  • Tweak: Textdomain and languages files renamed. Changed from epl to easy-property-listings for the WordPress.org translation initiative.
  • New: Every epl_action present in the $_GET or $_POST is called using WordPress do_action function in init.
  • Tweak: Radio options when adding listings converted to checkboxes to slim down the admin pages.
  • Fix: Ducted Heating additional features now displays in feature list.
  • Fix: Fully fenced option now displays in feature list.
  • Tweak: Optimise Admin Listing queries.
  • Tweak: Removed double display of Under Offer in admin listing list.
  • Tweak: Leased rental listings now display the weekly rent amount in admin.
  • Tweak: Commercial Lease listing details improved in admin list.
  • Tweak: Sold price displays in admin.
  • Fix: Date Available fix for year.
  • New: epl_get_property_available filter allows customising date format.
  • Tweak: External links function improved.
  • Tweak: Added additional plugin file security access to prevent file reading outside of WordPress.
  • Fix: Number Formatting function PHP warning fixed.
  • Fix: is_epl_post function to prevent error when no posts are activated.
  • Tweak: Commercial auction listing support.
  • New: Contacts and form system for managing listing leads and history of contact.
  • New: contact_capture shortcode // Needs Author id of page and URL.
  • New: Contact System for Lead Generation and Capture.
  • New: Form API supports editor.
  • New: Dashboard Widget Listing and Contact Activity Feed.
  • New: Date Picker updated JS for improved usage and improved compatibility with themes and plugins.
  • Tweak: Code Docblocks created for http://docs.easypropertylistings.com.au code reference.
  • New: Link a contact with a listing and display details and quick access to contact.
  • New: Error tracking and debug logging helper functions.
  • New: Form API supports sections breaks.
  • New: Contextual help tab added to Add/Edit Listing page.
  • New: Inspection date format now customisable from settings.
  • Tweak: Extension license updater updated.
  • Tweak: Added additional map CSS classes to improve Google Map output with some themes.
  • New: Adjustable Map pin when editing a listing and setting coordinates. Drag the map pin to adujst the position.
  • Tweak: Imported values of 0 no longer display on commercial listings.
  • Tweak: epl_render_html_fields allows for css class set in the field array of meta-boxes.
  • Tweak: Commercial authority default type is now For Sale instead of Auction.
  • Tweak: Converted Radio options to tick boxes to reduce space.
  • Tweak: Commercial auction listing support.
  • Tweak: Bedrooms allow studio option.
  • Tweak: Applied thousands separator to land sizes using settings.
  • Tweak: Allow for .00 and .0 when adding listing prices.
  • Tweak: Toilet supports decimal.
  • Tweak: Additional Features increased to three columns to minimise space with single checkboxes.
  • Tweak: Listing price, sale, and rental price now supports decimal values when saving.
  • Tweak: Bond supports decimal figures.
  • Tweak: Translation strings fixed.
  • Tweak: m2 html character added.
  • Tweak: Listings with prices set to 0 like bond no longer display in admin.
  • Fix: Rental listing when using price text the rental period no longer displays in admin.
  • Tweak: Pagination loading globally for use in admin.
  • New: Pagination enhanced to enable adjustment of output.
  • Fix: Old function in metaboxes removed as it inadvertently caused additional unnecessary queries.
  • New: Generate visual reports on your listing KPI status so you can track your listings and sales.
  • Tweak: [listing_search] shortcode using new API and allows for custom templates. Place the template in themes/your_theme/easypropertylistings/templates/ folder.
  • Tweak: Enhanced Search Object thanks to codewp allows widget template override.
  • New: Search Widget and [listing_search] shortcode allows for property status option.
  • New: Search template now editable using epl_get_template_part.
  • New: Search widget and [listing_search] shortcode order option added to allow adjusting of field order.
  • New: Second agent field allows for searching users.
  • New: Search upgraded to object thanks to codewp.
  • New: Search for second listing author on listings.
  • New: Search widget and [listing_search] shortcode status search option added.
  • New: Search widget and [listing_search] shortcode support any registered post types.
  • New: Search widget and [listing_search] shortcode support single drop down selection for price, land, building.
  • Fix: Session start less likely to cause issues with certain server configurations.
  • Fix: listing_open shortcode no longer displays sold or leased listings.
  • New: Additional customisation of shortcode-listing.php template part.
  • Tweak: Listing Shortcode adjusted for better processing of options.
  • New: [listing_auction] shortcode.
  • New: Contact shortcode. [epl_contact_form]
  • New: Contact Form Widget.
  • New: Sort by location A-Z added to front end listing filter.
  • Tweak: iThemes Builder archive-listing.php and single-listing.php templates updated to improve render_content theme function.
  • New: Allow extensions to use core templates for output.
  • Fix: Added translation string for P.A. label.
  • Fix: Translation of land size unit.
  • Tweak: LinkedIn will use full URL or fallback.
  • New: Default embedded video width adjustable from settings.
  • New: Video links now support additional formats like Vimeo using the WordPress wp_oembed.
  • New: Listing widget now loadable using epl_get_template_part thanks to codewp.
  • Tweak: Widget descriptions added to widget management.
  • Fix: Stray ul tag with search widget tabbing.
  • Tweak: Improved get_additional_features_html function for additional features and added epl_get_additional_features_html filter
  • New: Contact tags taxonomy added for creating your own contact tags.
  • Tweak: Listing heading function enhanced for other post types.
  • Tweak: Building value now accepts decimal.
  • New: Support for Twenty Sixteen theme.
  • Tweak: Active theme function enhanced for older WordPress versions.
  • New: Templates added for Twenty Fourteen Theme to improve display.
  • New: Archive title action added for easier implementation and filters to adjust output.
  • New: epl_feedsync_format_strip_currency function to strip currency during import with epl_feedsync_format_strip_currency_symbol filter to modify string replacement search.
  • New: epl_archive_title_search_result Filter, default “Search Result”.
  • New: epl_archive_title_fallback Filter, default “Listing”.
  • New: epl_archive_title_default Filter.
  • New: epl_get_active_theme Filter.
  • New: epl_active_theme Filter.
  • New: epl_active_theme_name Filter.
  • New: epl_active_theme_prefix Filter.
  • New: epl_archive_title_fallback Filer.
  • Tweak: epl_strip_tags function added filter to adjust HTML tag stripping.
  • New: epl_contact_form_description_allowed_tags Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_feature_taxonomy filter allowing adjustment of listing features.
  • New: epl_get_property_auction filter allows adjustment of auction date format.
  • New: epl_get_property_auction_label filter to adjust the Auction label.
  • New: epl_get_property_price_display Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_price_sold_display Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_price_sold_date Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_rent Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bond Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_land_category Filter.
  • New: epl_commercial_auction_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_auction_date Filter.
  • New: epl_get_price_plain_value Filter.
  • New: epl_get_price Filter.
  • New: epl_get_price_sticker Filter.
  • New: epl_get_price_in_list Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_commercial_category Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_year_built_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_year_built Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bath_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bathrooms_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bath Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bed_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bedrooms_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_bed Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_rooms_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_rooms Filter.
  • New: epl_get_parking_spaces_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_parking Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_garage_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_garage Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_carport_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_carport Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_air_conditioning_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_air_conditioning Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_pool_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_pool Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_security_system_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_security_system Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_land_area_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_land_value Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_building_area_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_building_area_value Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_new_construction_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_new_construction Filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_com_car_spaces_label Filter.
  • New: Dynamic additional features epl_get_{meta_key}_label Filter.
  • New: epl_get_additional_features_html Filter.
  • New: epl_get_additional_rural_features_html Filter.
  • New: epl_get_additional_commerical_features_html Filter.
  • New: epl_get_features_from_taxonomy Filter.
  • New: epl_checkbox_single_check_options Filter.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_plus_outgoings_label Filter.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_available_from_label Filter.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_available_now_label Filer.
  • New: epl_get_formatted_property_address filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_category filter.
  • New: epl_get_property_tax.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_property_features filter for Property Features label.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_plus_outgoings filter for Plus Outgoings label.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_commercial_features filter for Commercial Features label.
  • New: epl_property_sub_title_rural_features filter for Rural Features label.
  • New: epl_switch_views_sorting_title_sort filter for Sort label.
  • New: epl_switch_views_sorting_title_list filter for List label.
  • New: epl_switch_views_sorting_title_grid filter for Grid label.
  • New: epl_pagination_before_page_numbers filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_after_page_numbers filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single_content_text Filter
  • New: epl_pagination_single_tag Filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single Filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single_dot_tag Filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single_dot_content Filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single_dot_attributes Filter.
  • New: epl_pagination_single_dot Filter.

2.3.1 October 5, 2015

  • New: Added a hidden field property_images_mod_date for image mod time in preparation for importer plugin.
  • Tweak: Added categories to search for business, rural, land, commercial, commercial_land post types.
  • Tweak: Adjusted z-index of sticker label.
  • Tweak: Hide address separator when address is empty.
  • Fix: Search price fix for commercial, commercial_land, and business.
  • Fix: POA label now obeys custom label setting.

2.3 September 17, 2015

  • New: Custom Post Type API. Makes it easy to create and register new custom post types.
  • New: Custom Meta Box API. Creating custom fields and being able to configure custom meta fields on existing and new post types.
  • New: Custom Forms API. Will give the ability to create forms and submissions for the coming CRM. (Customer Relationship Manager).
  • New: Ordering of extension dynamic custom fields now possible.
  • New: Archive template attributes class dynamically added depending on template in use.
  • New: A number of helper functions have been added to better integrate additional custom post types.
  • New: Button meta field for use in extensions and custom fields.
  • New: Adjustments to video output function.
  • New: Features taxonomy now use archive template instead of blog post view.
  • New: Filters to adjust the Search not found text epl_property_search_not_found_title and epl_property_search_not_found_message.
  • Tweak: Restored get_property_suburb function which was used in Listing Templates.
  • Tweak: Better author linking and real estate agent user output.
  • Tweak: Improvements for other extensions to hook into and use maps.
  • Tweak: Template fallback functions for improved custom template usage.
  • Tweak: Swedish translations updated.
  • Tweak: Translation file updated.
  • Fix: New Construction class corrected to new_construction instead of pool.
  • Fix: Fix: Property ID searching improved. If you have a-z characters in your id include them in the title. E.g. aaa222 – 9 Somewhere Street, Brooklyn NY.

2.2.7 September 9, 2015

  • Tweak: Compatibility for Listing Templates extension.

2.2.6 August 22, 2015

  • Fix: Updated extension licensing updater to use https. Update required in order to be able to auto-update your extensions as Easy Property Listings has moved to https.

2.2.5 August 20, 2015

  • Fix: Widget construct fixes for WordPress 4.3.
  • Tweak: Un-install function.
  • Tweak: Plugin page link to settings.
  • Tweak: Languages updated.

2.2.4 August 05, 2015

  • Tweak: Improvements to Commercial/Commercial Land/Business pricing when set to Lease type to display free form price text.
  • Tweak: Bar graph in dashboard will no longer cover address if set to low.
  • Tweak: Added sticker CSS styling for single listing.
  • Fix: Search Widget/Shortcode display house category value instead of key.
  • Fix: Search Widget/Shortcode Property ID correctly searches numeric listing ID.
  • Fix: Search Widget/Shortcode excluded non searchable fields from land, commercial, commercial land and business post types.

2.2.3 July 27, 2015

  • Tweak: Adjusted new sorter function to work on lower than PHP version 5.3.
  • Tweak: Moved old template functions to theme compatibility, will be removed in future version.
  • Tweak: Set sorter list style to none to prevent some themes from displaying a list bullet.

2.2.2 July 25, 2015

  • Tweak: CSS tweak for image size to retain proportion on certain themes.
  • Tweak: Adjusted position of show/hide suburb on Commercial/Business listing types.
  • Fix: Archive image correctly loading 300×200 image.
  • Fix: Listing address display settings fixed.

2.2.1 July 24, 2015

  • Tweak: Set padding for search tabs for better display on some themes.
  • Fix: Search function fix checking for empty option when using custom filters.

2.2 July 24, 2015

  • New: Search shortcode and widget rebuilt to enable adding additional fields through filters and hooks.
  • New: Search shortcode and widget added additional search fields for City, State, Postcode and Country.
  • New: Search shortcode and widget allows for optional multi select of house category.
  • New: Search shortcode and widget improved responsive CSS.
  • New: Grid styles included in main CSS for use in extensions.
  • New: Upload button added for use in custom plug-ins and extensions to upload files.
  • New: Filter to adjust tour labels.
  • New: Filters to adjust Floor Plan labels.
  • New: Filters to adjust External Link labels.
  • New: Sold prices now display when set on front end and manage listings pages.
  • New: Label function for returning meta labels.
  • New: Ads on settings no longer display when there is an activated extension present.
  • New: Locked and help cases options for use in extensions and custom plugins.
  • New: Theme compatibility mode which enables all themes to display correctly with options to disable featured images for themes that automatically add featured images.
  • New: City setting to allow addresses in countries that need more than a suburb Label is customisable from settings.
  • New: Country setting to allow the country to display with the listing address.
  • New: Able to adjust or add more registered thumbnail sizes through a filter.
  • New: Function to get all the values associated with a specific post meta key.
  • New: Replaced the_post_thumbnail on archive pages and shortcodes with a customisable hook allowing for additional customisation with themes.
  • New: Specific templates for theme compatibility mode for archive and single listings.
  • New: Template loading system allowing for additional templates to be added to shortcodes and widgets from themes, custom plug-ins and extensions. This allows you to create an unlimited number of templates and load them from your theme.
  • New: Sorter allows for sorting by current/sold leased.
  • New: Ability to add additional sorter via filter.
  • New: Post counter function for use in extensions and custom plug-ins.
  • New: User fields re-built which allows for adding on new fields through filter.
  • New: Help meta type allowing for better internal documentation in extensions.
  • New: City meta field added to all listing types when enabled.
  • New: Rental display or hide rental price.
  • New: Check-box single field type.
  • New: Actions added to enable extensions to better hook into listings types and optimised functions for admin column details.
  • New: Dashboard widget now displays other extensions content counts.
  • New: Listing widget now allows for additional selectable templates to be added through custom plug-ins, hooks and themes.
  • New: Replaced widget image with a dynamic action.
  • New: Filter added for Gravatar image.
  • New: Replaced widget and author box image functions with actions.
  • New: Uninstall function to remove all Easy Property Listings content.
  • New: Get option function.
  • New: When saving settings on extensions sub tabs you are no longer taken to the first tab.
  • New: Customisable state label.
  • Tweak: Improved under offer, sold and leased labels.
  • Tweak: Improved install function to reduce code and allow for new settings to be added.
  • Tweak: Removed redundant code and streamlined templates.
  • Tweak: Improved reset query function.
  • Tweak: Removed old functions improving plugin code.
  • Tweak: Rebuilt address function to allow for city and country.
  • Tweak: Improved sorter function in all shortcodes.
  • Tweak: Improvements to Commercial and Business listing types to better comply with REAXML format with business takings, franchise, terms and commercial outgoings.
  • Tweak: Reorganised settings page.
  • Tweak: Translations updated and additional tags added.
  • Tweak: Search button default label changed from “Find Me A Property!” to “Search”.
  • Tweak: Applied custom suburb label to EPL – Listing Widget.
  • Fix: Listings house categories correctly display labels instead of values.
  • Fix: Listings with carport, garage or values set to zero no longer display.
  • Fix: Shortcode compatibility for WordPress 3.3 thanks to codewp.
  • Fix: Saving listing when in debug mode and ticking hide map or hide author box.
  • Fix: New Zealand currency now displays a dollar sign.

2.1.11 June 5, 2015

  • Tweak: Removed sub titles “Property Manager” and “Real Estate Agent” from the single listing template for better language support and to facilitate the hiding of the author box.
  • Tweak: Added epl- prefix to all author-box and widget css.
  • Tweak: Renamed author-box container with epl-author-box-container as it was harder to target the author box content and adjusted JS for tabs.
  • Tweak: Improved author box responsive CSS.
  • Tweak: Updated extension updater for multisite and other improvements.
  • Tweak: Leased label when adding a property will use custom label.
  • Tweak: Wrapper class for property category.
  • Fix: Undefined status if importing listings not using current status.
  • Fix: When user selects grid/list option and pages the user selected view is retained.
  • Fix: [listing post_type=”rental”] shortcode price sorting for rental.
  • New: Author box is now able to be hidden on a per listing basis.
  • New: Added filters for author box social links.
  • New: Inspection filter to adjust the inspection date/time format.
  • New: Several author widget filters added to enable additional content through extensions or custom functions.
  • New: Sold, leased, under offer label filter which uses the label setting and label changes dashboard widget, admin category filters and search widget.
  • New: Sold label making Sold STC possible or other Sold label variant.
  • New: Danish language thanks to pascal.
  • New: German language thanks to ChriKn.
  • New: Ukrainian language thanks to Alex.
  • New: Swedish language thanks to Roland J.

2.1.10 May 31, 2015

  • New: Email field validation added.
  • New: Added status classes to widgets for better targeting of CSS styles.
  • Tweak: Improved video embed and added a filter to adjust video container size.
  • Tweak: Improved CSS wrappers for listing widget and added dynamic class depending on widget display style.
  • Tweak: Added additional classes to Listing Widget list variant style list items.
  • Fix: Additional paging issues fixed in listing widget for other options.
  • Fix: Widget leased selection displays rentals correctly.

2.1.9 May 27, 2015

  • Fix: Fixed paging issues in listing widget.
  • Fix: Fix shortcodes when using multiple listing post types.

2.1.8 May 16, 2015

  • New: Ability to disable all plugin CSS from Advanced Settings section.
  • New: Search widget and shortcode now have the option to turn of Location search.
  • New: Search widget and shortcode now have filters to control the display of “Any”. Each field has a unique filter which will allow you to hide the label using CSS and for example change the Location “Any” label to “Location” this will allow you to create super slim search boxes.
  • New: Added translation Belgian (Dutch) thanks to pascal.beyens
  • New: Polish translation thanks to Weronika.urbanczyk
  • New: Two mew shortcode templates table and table_open usable with shortcodes to provide a slim list of listings. Example usage is [listing_open template=”table”] or [listing template=”table_open”]. You can copy these new templates into your theme/easypropertylistings folder to further customize.
  • New: Added currency support for Qatar Riyal (QAR), United Arab Emirates (AED), Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), Vietnamese đồng (VND)
  • New: checkbox_single ability for plugin and extensions.
  • New: Ability to disable map on each listing.
  • Tweak: Updated currency symbols for: Israeli Shekel, Thai Baht, Indian Rupee, Turkish Lira, Iranian Rial.
  • Tweak: Improved CSS and added additional classes with epl- prefix in templates and search.
  • Tweak: Improved CSS for Location Profiles and Staff Directory extensions.
  • Tweak: Added filters for commercial titles to allow you to change “For Lease” and “For Sale” using epl_commercial_for_lease_label, and epl_commercial_for_sale_label filters.
  • Tweak: Additional CSS classes for Land, Commercial and Rural special features.
  • Tweak: Gallery CSS classes added.
  • Tweak: Improved table shortcodes CSS and styling for better full display and responsive widths.
  • Fix: New/Open Sticker now appear on listings with the price display set to no.
  • Fix: Translations work correctly for categories.

2.1.7 May 6, 2015

  • New: listing_search shortcode now has style option for adjusting the width. You can add style=”slim” or style=”wide” to the shortcode to adjust the appearance.
  • New: Listing Search widget now has style options for adjusting the width.
  • Tweak: Updated translation epl.pot and added missing sqm translation element.
  • Tweak: Allowed for hundredths decimal in bathrooms field.
  • Tweak: Floor plan button CSS.
  • Tweak: Address and price responsive CSS.
  • Fix: Auction listing price set to no displays auction date correctly.
  • Fix: Fix: Author position css class.

2.1.6 May 1, 2015

  • Fix: Fancy pagination paging works correctly when shortcodes used on home page.
  • Fix: Wrapped new pagination feature in esc_url to prevent vulnerability.
  • Fix: Corrected sorting by price when using shortcodes. Note: Rental sorting works on post_type=”rental” in all shortcodes.
  • Tweak: Added rental rate view for text entry of rental rates for REAXML compatibility.
  • Tweak: Corrected admin display columns and edit listing pages for better display on mobile devices.

2.1.5 April 25, 2015

  • Tweak: Commercial listing: Ability to set commercial lease rate to a decimal value using the epl_price_number_format_commercial_lease filter.
  • Tweak: Updated epl.pot translation file.
  • Tweak: Removed horizontal line elements in the help section to match WordPress 4.2 admin page styles.
  • Tweak: Rental Listing: Added epl_property_bond_position filter to adjust the position of the Bond/Deposit to appear either before or after the value.
  • Tweak: Rental Listing: Removed CSS padding before bond value.
  • Fix: Rental Listing: Adjusting the Bond/Deposit label will now show your custom label in the Rental Price box.
  • Fix: Rural Listing: Undefined label_leased variable.
  • Note: Confirmed Easy Property Listings is not vulnerable to recent WordPress exploit.
  • New: Added setting to show/hide Listing Unique ID column when managing listings.

2.1.4 April 22, 2015

  • Tweak: Pagination optimised and no longer loads in admin.
  • Tweak: New filter epl_price_number_format added for decimal rental rates.
  • Tweak: Customise bond label from settings.
  • Tweak: Added filter epl_floorplan_button_label_filter to adjust Floor Plan button label.

2.1.3 April 17, 2015

  • Fix: Author box upgraded to allow for custom tabs.
  • Fix: Author box upgraded to allow for better staff directory integration with author box and widget.
  • Fix: Added CSS class for author archive pages.
  • Fix: Improved CSS classes for author box with better responsive support.
  • Fix: Added additional filters for author contact information.
  • Fix: Added secondary global author function for simpler integration for extensions like the Staff Directory.
  • Fix: Changes to author templates and restored author position variable.
  • Fix: Further improved max and min graph values when in listing admin.

2.1.2 April 11, 2015

  • Fix: Improved Responsive CSS for grid style.
  • Fix: Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen, Twenty Twelve CSS styles for better display.
  • New: Added CSS class theme name output to archive and single templates.

2.1.1 April 10, 2015

  • Fix: Max price defaults set for graph calculations when upgrading from pre 2.0 version.

2.1 April 9, 2015

  • New: Fancy pagination option which can be enabled in settings.
  • New: Coordinates now added to listing if not set prior.
  • New: Ability to select larger listing image sizes in admin.
  • New: Added date picker for available date on rental listing.
  • New: Added date picker for sold date.
  • New: New function that combines all meta box options into one global function for admin pages.
  • New: Display second agent name in admin listing lists.
  • New: Additional admin option to filter by agent/author.
  • New: Shortcode [listing_location] to display listings by specific location.
  • New: The following shortcodes can now be filtered by location taxonomy: [listing location=”perth”], [listing_open location=”sydney”], [listing_category location=”melbourne”], [listing_category location=”brisbane”], [listing_feature feature=”terrace” location=”new-york”]
  • New: The following shortcodes can now be sorted by price, date and ordered by ASC and DESC [listing sortby=”price” sort_order=”ASC”].
  • New: Sorter added to shortcodes which can be enabled by adding tools_top=”on” to your shortcode options.
  • New: Template added in table format for use in shortcodes template=”table”.
  • New: Function to get all active post types.
  • New: Ability to register additional custom post types.
  • New: Extensions now have additional help text ability.
  • New: All menus now use global function to render fields.
  • New: Improved template output and added additional CSS wrappers for some theme and HTML5 themes.
  • New: Commercial rental lease duration now selectable.
  • New: Rooms field added to set the number of rooms that the listing has.
  • New: Date listed field added to all listing types.
  • New: Year built field added to property, rental, rural listing types.
  • New: Media upload function for use in extensions.
  • New: Ability to customise Under Offer and Leased labels in settings.
  • New: Lease type label loaded from drop-down select. So you can have NNN, P.A., Full Service, Gross Lease Rates, on commercial listing types. Also has a filter to enable customisation of the options.
  • New: Disable links in the feature list.
  • Fix: Text domain fixes on template files.
  • Fix: Finnish translation file renamed.
  • Fix: FeedSync date processor strptime function corrected.
  • Fix: Bug in parking search field. Was only searching carports and not garages. Now searches both.
  • Fix: New label now appears on listings not just with an inspection time saved.
  • Tweak: Optimised loading of admin scripts and styles to pages where required.
  • Tweak: Added version to CSS and JS so new versions are automatically used when plugin is updated.
  • Tweak: Tidy up of admin CSS.
  • Tweak: Video in author box now responsive.
  • Tweak: Increased characters possible in address block fields from 40 to 80 characters and heading block to 200.
  • Tweak: Coordinates now correctly being used to generate map.
  • Tweak: Inspection times improved style in admin.
  • Tweak: Commercial rental rate now accepts decimal numbers.
  • Tweak: Improved google map output.
  • Tweak: Improved default settings on upgrade, install and multisite.
  • Tweak: Scripts improve site speed.
  • Tweak: Dashboard widget improved query.
  • Tweak: Front end CSS tweaks for better responsiveness.

2.0.4: February 12, 2015

  • Fix: Bulgarian Translation (Thanks to Slavcho Aangeliev)
  • Tweak: Finnish translation updated

2.0.3: February 9, 2015

  • Fix: Manually entered inspection time corrected from pM to PM
  • New: French translation (Thanks to Thomas Grimaud)
  • New: Finnish translation (Thanks to Turo)

2.0.2: February 2, 2015

  • Fix: Added fall-back diff() function which is not present in PHP 5.2 or earlier used with the New label.
  • Fix: Some Labels in settings were not saving correctly particularly the search widget labels.
  • Fix: Restored missing author profile contact form tab on author box.
  • Tweak: Added CSS version to admin CSS and front end CSS.

2.0.1: January 29, 2015

  • Fix: Attempted Twenty 15 CSS Fix but causes issues with other themes. Manual fix: Copy CSS from style-front.css to correct, margins and grid/sorter.
  • Fix: Restored Display of Inspection Label for properties with scheduled inspection times.
  • Fix: Search Widget security fix and performance improvements.

2.0: January 27, 2015

  • New: Extension validator.
  • New: Depreciated listing-meta.php into compatibility folder.
  • New: Depreciated author-meta.php into compatibility folder.
  • New: Global variables: $property, $epl_author and $epl_settings.
  • New: Added filters for fields and groups in /lib/meta-boxes.php
  • New: Property custom meta re-written into class. This was the big change to 2.0 where we completely re-wrote the output of the meta values which are now accessible using global $property variable and easy template actions.
  • New: Property meta can now can be output using new actions for easy and quick custom template creation.
  • New: Reconstructed templates for single, archive & author pages
  • Tweak: Removed unused price script
  • Fix: Fixed warning related to static instance in strict standard modes
  • New: API for extensions now support WordPress editor with validation.
  • New: jQuery date time picker formatting added to improve support for auction and sold listing, support for 30+ languages support.
  • New: Inspection time auto-formats REAXML date eg “13-Dec-2014 11:00am to 11:45am” and will no longer show past inspection times.
  • New: Inspection time support multiple dates written one per line.
  • Tweak: CSS improved with better commenting and size reduction.
  • New: Dashboard widget now lists all listing status so at a glance you can see your property stock.
  • New: Display: To enable grid, list and sorter your custom archive-listing.php template requires the new action hook ‘epl_template_before_property_loop’ before the WordPress loop.
  • New: Display: Utility hook action hook added ‘epl_template_after_property_loop’ for future updates.
  • New: Display: List and grid view with optional masonry effect.
  • New: Display: Sorter added for price high/low and date newest/oldest.
  • New: Auction Date formats nicely. EG “Auction Saturday 28th December at 2:00pm”.
  • New: Tabbed extensions page support in admin for advanced extensions like “Listing Alerts”.
  • New: Multiple author support in Author Box.
  • New: Search Widget – Supports multiple listing types, hold Ctrl to enable tabbed front end display.
  • New: Search Widget – Labels are configurable from the Display settings allowing you to set for example: “Property” to “Buy” and “Rental” to “Rent” and use a single widget to search multiple types.
  • New: Search Widget and shortcode supports search by property ID, post Title, Land Area and Building Area.
  • New: Search Widget – removed extra fields from land, added labels for each property type to be shown as tab heading in search widget
  • Fix: Search Widget – Optimized total queries due to search widget from 1500 + to ~40
  • New: Author variables accessible using new CLASS.
  • New: Search short code supports array of property types.
  • New: REAXML date format function to format date correctly when using WP All Import Pro. Usage [epl_feedsync_format_date({./@modTime})].
  • New: REAXML Unit and lot formatting function for usage in the title when using WP All Import Pro. Usage [epl_feedsync_filter_sub_number({address[1]/subNumber[1]})].
  • New: Global $epl_settings settings variable adds new default values on plugin update.
  • New: Display: Added customisable label for rental Bond/Deposit.
  • New: Template functions completely re-written and can now be output using actions.
  • New: Added NEW sticker with customisable label and ability to set how long a listing displays the new label.
  • Tweak: Compatibility fixes
  • New: Bar Graph API added.
  • New: Graph in admin allows you to set the max bar graph value. Default are (2,000,000 sale) and (2,000 rental).
  • New: Graph visually displays price and status.
  • New: Price graph now appears in admin pages quickly highlighting price and status visually.
  • New: Meta Fields: Support for unit number, lot number (land).
  • New: South African ZAR currency support.
  • Fix: Corrected Commercial Features ID Spelling
  • Tweak: YouTube video src to id function is replaced with better method which handles multiple YouTube video formats including shortened & embedded format
  • New: Adding Sold Date processing
  • Tweak: Updated shortcode templates
  • Tweak: Global $epl_author.
  • Tweak: Fixed content/ into EPL_PATH_TEMPLATES_CONTENT
  • New: Support for older extensions added
  • New: Extension offers in menus general tab
  • Tweak: Renamed user profile options section to “Easy Property Listings: Author Box Profile”.
  • Tweak: Added better Bond/Deposit for rentals labels.
  • Fix: Deprecated author-meta.php in compatibility folder, class-author-meta.php has been created which will be used in place of author-meta.php & its variables in all author templates
  • New: Added template functions for author meta class, modified templates lib/templates/content/content-author-box-simple-card.php lib/templates/content/content-author-box-simple-grav.php lib/templates/content/content-author-box.php to use the template functions based on author meta class instead of variables from author-meta.php
  • New: author-meta.php depreciated and moved to compatibility directory. Variables globally available using $epl_author variable.
  • Tweak: listing-meta.php depreciated and moved to compatibility directory. Variables globally available with $property variable.
  • Tweak: Added “Listing not Found” to default templates when search performed with no results.
  • Tweak: Improved Google maps address output for addresses containing # and /.
  • Fix: Listing Pages now have better responsive support for small screen devices like iPhone.
  • Fix: Default templates for Genesis and TwentyTwelve now show “Listing Not Found” when a search result returns empty.
  • Fix: Purged translations in epl.pot file.
  • Fix: Search Widget and short code drastically reduces database queries.
  • New: Templates are now able to be saved in active theme folder /easypropertylistings and edited. Plugin will use these first and fall back to plugin if not located in theme folder.
  • Fix: Extensions Notification and checker updated
  • New: updated author templates to use new author meta class
  • Fix: Added prefix to CSS tab-content class. Now epl-tab-content for compatibility.
  • New: Update user.php
  • Tweak: Improved internal documentation and updated screens.
  • Tweak: Improved descriptions on author pages.
  • Tweak: Better permalink flushing on activation, deactivation and install.
  • Tweak: Extensive changes to admin descriptions and labels.
  • Tweak: Optimising the php loading of files and scripts.
  • New: Define EPL_RUNNING added for extensions to check if plugin is active.
  • New: New options added to setting array when plugin is updated.
  • New: Old functions and files moved to plug-in /compatibility folder to ensure old code still works.
  • New: Meta Location Label.
  • New: Service banners on settings page.
  • New: Saving version number so when updating new settings are added.
  • New: iCal functionality for REAXML formatted inspection dates. Further improvements coming for manual date entry.
  • New: Extensions options pages now with tabs for easier usage.
  • New: Added ID classes to admin pages and meta fields.
  • New: Filters to adjust land and building sizes from number to select fields.
  • Tweak: Moved old extensions options page to compatibility folder so older extensions still work as expected.
  • New: Search Widget – Added filter for land min & max fields in listing search widget
  • New: Search Widget – Added filter for building min & max fields in listing search widget
  • Fix: For session start effecting certain themes
  • New: Land sizes now allow up to 5 decimal places
  • New: Search Widget – Custom submit label
  • New: Search Widget – Can search by title in property ID / Address field
  • New: Added Russian Translation

1.2.1: September 23, 2014

  • Fix: Search Widget not working on page 2 of archive page in some instances.
  • Fix: Property feature list Toilet and New Construction now display in list when ticked.
  • Fix: EPL – Listing widget was not displaying featured listings.
  • Fix: Allowed to filter by commercial_listing_type in [listing_category] shortcode.
  • Fix: Updated templates to display Search Results when performing search.
  • Fix: No longer show Bond when viewing rental list in admin.
  • Fix: Open for inspection sticker now appears on rental properties.
  • New: Added initial Dutch translation.

1.2: September 8, 2014

  • New: Plug in Activation process flushes permalinks.
  • New: Plug in deactivation flushes permalinks.
  • New: Shortcode [listing_search]
  • New: Shortcode [listing_feature]
  • New: Shortcode [listing_open] replaces [home_open] shortcode. Retained [home_open] for backward compatibility, however adjust your site.
  • New: Listing shortcodes allow for default template display if registered by adding template=”slim” to the shortcode.
  • New: Translation support now correctly loads text domain epl.
  • New: Added translation tags to all test elements for better translation support.
  • New: Updated source epl.pot translation file for translations.
  • New: Added very rough Italian translation.
  • New: Wrapped Featured image in action to allow for easy removal and/or replacement.
  • New: Added new CSS classes to widgets for consistent usage.
  • New: Added options to hide/ show various options to EPL – Listing widget: Property Headline, Excerpt, Suburb/Location Label, Street Address, Price, Read More Button.
  • New: Added customisable “Read More” label to EPL – Listing widget.
  • New: Added excerpt to EPL – Listing widget.
  • New: Added options to remove search options from EPL – Listing Search widget.
  • New: Added consistent CSS classes to shortcodes for responsive shortcode.
  • New: Date processing function for use with WP All Import when importing REAXML files. Some imports set the current date instead of the date from the REAXML file. Usage in WP All Import Post Date is: [epl_feedsync_format_date({./@modTime})]
  • New: Added additional CSS classes to template files.
  • New: Added WordPress editor support in admin for use with extensions.
  • New: Added textarea support in admin for use with extensions.
  • New: Filters added for all select options on add listing pages which allows for full customisation through simple function.
  • New: Added rent period, Day, Daily, Month, Monthly to rental listing types.
  • New: Added property_office_id meta field.
  • New: Added property_address_country meta field.
  • New: Added filter epl_listing_meta_boxes which allows additional meta boxes to be added through filter.
  • New: Added mini map to listing edit screen. Will display mini map in address block when pressing green coordinates button.
  • Tweak: Admin CSS tweaks to define sections in admin.
  • Tweak: Added additional CSS classes to admin menu pages to extensions can be better distinguished when installed and activated.
  • Tweak: Added defaults to widgets to prevent errors when debug is on.
  • Tweak: Allowed for decimal in bathrooms to allow for 1/2 baths eg 1.5.
  • Fix: Undefined errors when debug is active.
  • Fix: CSS for TwentyThirteen style CSS using .sidebar container.
  • Fix: CSS for responsive shortcode.
  • Fix: Registering custom template actions now works correctly.
  • Fix: Changed property not found wording when using search widget and listing not found.
  • Fix: Updated admin columns for commercial_land listing type to match other listing type.
  • Fix: Swapped bedrooms/bathroom label on hover.

1.1.1: July 7, 2014

  • New: Internationalisation support to enable customizing of post types: slug, archive, rewrite, labels, listing categories for meta_types.
  • New: Created filters for listing meta select fields: property_category, property_rural_category, property_commercial_category, property_land_category
  • New: Created filters for each of the seven custom post types: labels, supports, slug, archive, rewrite, seven custom post types
  • New: Shortcode [listing_category] This shortcode allows for you to output a list of listings by type and filter them by any available meta key and value.
  • Tweak: Updated search widget for filtered property_categories
  • Fix: Listing categories were showing key, now showing value.
  • Fix: Settings were not showing up after saving, second refresh required setting variable to reload.

1.1: June 27, 2014

  • First official release!

Данный плагин является достаточно универсальным, потому что работает фактически с любой темой. В дополнении, он предоставляет несколько шаблонов по умолчанию, с их помощью можно быстро запустить уже готовый проект.

Функции Easy Property Listings:

  • Поддержка различных категорий(офисы, квартиры, земельные участки) и ценовых параметров.
  • Большой выбор валют и локаций по всему миру.
  • Как и во многих, поддержка Google карт.
  • Виджет поиска с корректировкой полей.

Плагин с основным функционалом является бесплатным, но существуют различные адд-оны с продвинутыми функциями, слайдерами, брошюрами, возможностью подписки и многое другое.


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Realia — WordPress Plugins



Realia is full featured WordPress real estate plugin. It is completely covering needs of real estate agencies or portals. Plugin allows you to manage all your properties, agents and agencies.

Front End Submission

Realia allows to add properties by your users. Create the property directory by few clicks. If you want you can review newly added properties before publishing. Of course it is possible to charge users for using your website. Plugins has builtin pay per post and package system.

Property management

Manage properties from WordPress admin. Custom version of table display is containing all important information about properties like featured image, price and assigned taxonomy terms.

WP REST API integration

Plugin offers option to search for properties via API. Plugin adds options to filter properties by custom fields. Realia extends default API output by new fields as well. Check an API request at wprealia.com to see how easy is to filter by custom fields. It is possible to filter by same fields as plugin uses in front end widgets. So there are available more than 20+ fields.

Price Formatting Options

Realia supports various price formatting options. You can define the currency where you are able to set currency sign and number formatting options like number of decimal places, decimal point and thousands separator.

For properties you can set another group of price settings. You are able to write alphanumeric text instead of price amount or add your custom prefix and suffix.

Are you developer and still not satisfied with price formatting? Don’t worry. Everything is located in one method so it is pretty easy to change the functionality.

Agencies & Agents

With Realia plugin you are able to assign agents to properties and create agencies grouping agents. Great for internal purposes or directory listings.


  • Front end submission system
  • Pay per post
  • Package system
  • Review before submission
  • Pay for featured or sticky property
  • Google map support
  • Received transactions
  • Advanced price formatting
  • Agent contact form on property detail
  • Custom measurement
  • Plays nicely with Twenty Fifteen
  • Easy for developers
  • All settings are in customizer
  • OOP architecture
  • row/grid version of property archive
  • reCAPTCHA support for enquire form
  • Terms and conditions link from registration form

Custom post types

  • Property
  • Agent
  • Agency
  • Package

Custom taxonomies

  • Locations
  • Property types
  • Statuses
  • Amenities
  • Materials


  • Google map with properties
  • Property grid
  • Front end submission form
  • Property detail
  • Payment page
  • Search filter widget
  • Property widget
  • Agents widget
  • User properties


  1. Make sure you are using at least PHP version 5.3.4 !
  2. Upload realia to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins section in WordPress admin.


Installation Instructions
  1. Make sure you are using at least PHP version 5.3.4 !
  2. Upload realia to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins section in WordPress admin.
How do I add property filter to my site?

Just put a Vertical Filter widget into suitable widget area. You can also specify which fields will be shown and which to hide in widget settings.

How can I add property map into my website?

Put a Properties Map widget into widget area. In widget settings set latitude and longitude of map center. You can set zoom level, cluster grid size and map style as well.

I want to set ‘negotiated price’ for my property. How can I do that?

You are able to set custom price text of each property in its detail. You can also set price prefix and suffix if you wish.

How do I assign an agent to property?

Create at least one agent at first and then choose the one you wish to assign in property detail.

Are there any requirements before installing plugin?

Just be sure you are running at least PHP 5.3.4


Very poor documentation and integration

Though there is plenty of room for adding fields, etc, documentation is so sparse that you really have no idea how it all works together.
Documentation does refer to units being adjusted in “settings“, however the plugin itself has no settings page, map integration throws a javascript error, no settings for subscription pricing, and I could go on and on…


This theme is very easy to install and Works perfectly.
I bought it and have no regrets. I’m sure it will help me a lot in my business.

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Contributors & Developers

“Realia” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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Release Date – 23th April 2017

  • support for WP REST API v2
  • improved admin table of packages
  • new WP filter: realia_filter_params
  • Realia_Filter::filter_query() method takes $params argument
  • new helper method: Realia_Packages::is_package_free()
  • new helper method: Realia_Packages::is_package_regular()
  • new helper method: Realia_Packages::is_package_simple()
  • new helper method: Realia_Packages::is_package_trial()
  • HTML5 validation of number inputs
  • SSL user authentication fix
  • post author permission in submission fix


Release Date – 27th January 2017

  • only published subproperties are shown in parent listing detail


Release Date – 17th January 2017

  • year built field in the frontend submission
  • floor plans and video URL property fields in the WP admin
  • WP filter realia_contract_options
  • refactored property detail page using section template parts
  • link to parent property in child property detail page
  • pending properties count in WP admin menu
  • transparent marker in single property map
  • Realia_Post_Types::render_property_detail_sections() helper function
  • Realia_Post_Types::is_featured_property() helper function
  • Realia_Post_Types::is_reduced_property() helper function
  • Realia_Post_Types::is_sticky_property() helper function
  • Realia_Post_Types::is_child_property() helper function
  • New WP filter: realia_property_detail_sections
  • New WP filter: realia_before_property_detail
  • New WP filter: realia_after_property_detail
  • New WP filter: realia_before_property_detail_


* New WP filter: realia_after_property_detail_


* rebuilded .pot catalog


Release Date – 17th October 2016

  • Open Graph support


Release Date – 10th October 2016

  • property removal user confirmation
  • fixed price currency
  • fixed hiding property title filter field


Release Date – 08th October 2016

  • option to set chained location filter field
  • rebuilded .pot catalog
  • realia_social_networks WP filter
  • social networks in agent and agency profile
  • fixed beds field in rent/sale filter
  • option to pick random properties in widget
  • Realia_Utilities::format_number() helper
  • HTML5 validation of home area, lot area, price and year built filter fields
  • more agent properties in property detail
  • option to search properties by its title
  • fixed notice index error
  • option to link package with pricing table
  • option to select by TOP attribute in the properties widget
  • floor plans, video URL and valuation fields in the frontend submission


Release Date – 01th August 2016

  • fixes of PHP notices


Release Date – 26th July 2016

  • sanitized, validated and escaped values
  • fixed loading Google Maps API twice at frontend
  • fixed missing Google Maps API in backend
  • subproperties are not shown in google map nor property archive / widget
  • fixed ignored Grid size for Google map widget


Release Date – 07th July 2016

  • escaped values from property filter


Release Date – 04th July 2016

  • property title is required attribute
  • support for multiple recaptchas on single page
  • property area fix
  • default map location changed from UK to whole world
  • enquire form preserves values of inputs
  • fixed white screen after property submission if my properties page is not set
  • show pending listings visible to author
  • enquire form email for admin fix
  • support for custom Google Browser API key


Release Date – 15th June 2016

  • agent contact form email fix
  • new TGMPA plugin version
  • fixed package info warning message


Release Date – 5th June 2016

  • MapEscape fix
  • Colorbox fix
  • new user registration notification


Release Date – 30th May 2016

  • lot area in Google marker infowindow
  • fixed baths number in Google Map infowindow
  • .pot file


Release Date – 25th April, 2016

  • fixed enquire form which didn’t send emails to property agent
  • public facilities in the submission fields
  • user phone field
  • first name, last name, phone in registration form
  • fixed missing some translation strings
  • video in property detail
  • phone in enquire form
  • Google sensor warning fix
  • improved Google map on mobile devices


Release Date – 26th August, 2015

  • refactored admin menu
  • admin notice
  • new Realia admin icons
  • updated TGM
  • terms and conditions order register form fix
  • agent email fix
  • 3 new map styles
  • shortcodes fix
  • updated translation catalogue


Release Date – 19th August, 2015

  • user registration fix
  • property map geolocation support
  • agent email fix


Release Date – 30th July, 2015

  • agency backend fix


Release Date – 21th July, 2015

  • after register custom redirect
  • template adjustments
  • template loader fix
  • button naming convention


Release Date – 13th July, 2015

  • forms template structure


Release Date – 9th July, 2015

  • default display type for agents and properties widgets
  • property row image size
  • multiple tabs on one page fix
  • latitude and longitude fields for map revealed
  • breadcrumb fix
  • template structure adjustments
  • other minor tweaks and fixes


Release Date – 27th June, 2015

  • wire transfer
  • removed PayPal library
  • added better paginations
  • template loader fix
  • property map position in detail
  • minor CSS fixes


Release Date – 24th June, 2015

  • user can be registered as agent
  • breadcrumb update
  • slovak translation
  • agents and agencies admin table update
  • custom public facilities and valuations
  • property can have more assigned agents
  • refactored property fields with ‘attributes_’ prefix
  • realia_change_password, realia_change_profile, realia_change_agent_profile shortcodes
  • some fixes


Release Date – 16th June, 2015

  • WP API for agents
  • WP API for agencies
  • Added Rent/Sale search widget
  • All search fields are orderable
  • Added multiple search fields
  • Refactored agents, agencies and properties templates
  • Agent custom post type admin columns
  • Location taxonomies are now hierarchical
  • Breadcrumb now has better structure
  • Other small improvements and fixes


Release Date – 3nd June, 2015

  • WP API filter functionality
  • PayPal libraries are loading after filling credentials
  • Added material search filter
  • Property sorting
  • New archive pages actions
  • CMB2 moved to TGM
  • PayPal library cleanup


Release Date – 2nd June, 2015

  • Added amenities, status, contract, rooms filters
  • Options to select property layout in “Properties” widget
  • Read more text for property boxes
  • Call Realia_Template_Loader:locate() with plugin param
  • New CMB2 version
  • Templates cleanup
  • Updated translation catalogue


Release Date – 29th May, 2015

  • Material
  • Rooms
  • Home area & Lot size (dimensions + area)


Release Date – 22th May, 2015

  • Initial release

И последнее предложение. Данный плагин является достаточно новым, но уже имеет полную документацию и огромный функционал способный превзойти уже давно существующие. Есть также приложение для iOS, имеющее название Realia Browser. С его помощью можно запускать собственные брендированные программы без особенных продвинутых знаний. Realia работает с любой темой, но в дополнении имеются премиум решения для риэлторских агентств.

Функции Realia:

  • Простое добавление и администрирование.
  • Поддержка множества агентств одним сайтом.
  • Предложение пользователям различных услуг.

Конечно же есть еще много различных инструментов для ваших задумок и не имеет значения на что попадет ваш выбор, главное тщательно все протестировать перед применением. Удачи!

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